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sundialmobileSundialMobile is a source for news and information about California State University, Northridge both on and off campus.

The free application is produced by student media for the campus community and available through Apple’s App Store. SundialMobile provides students, faculty and staff with everything from interactive maps, calendar of events, Daily Sundial headlines, stories and multimedia, access to listen to KCSN, sports, jobs, housing and much more.

Easily share any campus news and information with friends, family and classmates with the push of a button.

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  • Andrea

    Is this available for the Andriod market yet? Would be great to have!

  • Daily Sundial


    Feel free to stop by at the Sundial office in Manzanita Hall with your iPod Touch and we can look into why you are having troubles with the app.

  • yadira

    this app does not work for ipod touch grrrr… y

  • Brittany Silverstein

    Great job on the app! Great idea and user interface :) I will never get lost again!

  • Lou Twilley

    Is this application exclusive for iphones or can i donwload it for any other smartphone. i have an HTC FUZE smartphone and i want to be able to use this app

    • Daily Sundial

      Lou – Right now this app is only for the iPhone/iPod Touch. We are hoping to have it for other smartphones next year. Please check back.