A.S. seats still open after spring elections

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Although the spring election drew a historically high voter turn-out, several student leadership positions remain unfilled.

Elections, held on campus and online during April 13 – 14, garnered 2,509 votes for the presidential candidates and 2,220 votes for the constitutional amendment changing bi-yearly elections to annually.

The following positions are still available, according to the A.S. elections website:

–          Graduate Senator II

–          Education Senator II

–          Humanities Senator II

–          Science and Math Senator II

–          Director of Finance

–          Director of Finance Assistant

–          Director of Elections

–          Assistant Director of Clubs and Orgs

–          Chief of Staff

–          Attorney General

–          Personal Assistant to President/Vice President

Election officials are accepting applications and nominations by current senate members for possible candidates, said Paige Andrews, director of personnel.  She added her intent is to begin interviewing applicants as early as this Friday.

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