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White nationalist rally leaves one dead, dozens injured

What began with neo-nazis, white nationalists, and alt-right members marching through the University of Virginia with torches lit, chanting "blood and soil!" Friday night,...
People gather for the Aztlan graduation ceremony at csun

Cultural graduation ceremonies championed by graduates

Some students prefer to attend smaller graduations because there is a special meaning behind earning a degree.
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The Countdown: We made it (to the end of the semester)

This episode is dedicated to all the current and former college students who know what it's like to grind through a long semester. It's...
Photo shows a class demonstration of public shaming, while the teacher and the class jokingly tease one student he pretends to cry

The unfortunate repercussions of public shaming

Sometimes when we chastise or ridicule people for an opinion we disagree with, we can unintentionally damage them.
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The Countdown: A conversation about stereotypes

Whether it pertains race, religion, music preference or political affiliation there are often broad generalizations that accompany our personal identity. During this episode of...
Man holds up a poster that reads, "Stop separating families"

Students will protest Customs Border Patrol recruiters on campus

Students will demonstrate at the Nonprofit and Government Career Fair
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The Countdown: Music that takes you places

Music makes you dance, cry, laugh, sing along and reflect. This episode of The Countdown is an ode to rap music and the impact...

Students who need help buying food can apply for CalFresh on...

The CSUN Food Pantry is offering students applications for the CalFresh program.
Pictured is Teri Lisagor sitting at her desk

Going vegetarian is doable if you plan right

The most important aspect of a vegetarian diet is understanding the nutritional factors in food choices