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Pacquiao or Mayweather: students pick winner of big fight

With the most anticipated boxing match inching closer and closer, students choose the winner of perhaps the biggest fight ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EooG62YEipg&feature=youtu.be  

Watsi Club promotes accessible finances required for medical care

CSUN students helped raise awareness and funds for Watsi, a non-profit organization that enables anyone to directly fund low-cost and high-impact medical care for...

Waist training: the dangers behind the trend

As with any beauty trend, the act has its drawbacks

Venezuelan officials are still a threat to national security

Although many of us might know that Kim Kardashian colored her hair platinum blonde, how many people are aware that the U.S. has declared...

Living out someone else’s dreams

A foreign exchange student is studying not for herself, but for her mother

Leading your child to success one sign at a time

When young children do not have the ability to express themselves verbally being able to use sign language is such a wonderful alternative way...

Crafting your own flower crown

These are cheaper and more study than store bought ones

Keeping your make up fresh under harsh music festival conditions

These suggestions can help keep your make up on all day

Do you know the impacts of TV, video games, and movies?

Violence in the media is one of the most popular topics that...

Obamacare Vs. CSUN’s insurance

There is a question about whether there is any real competition between Obamacare or the university Insurance. In reality, I believe they have more...

Senioritis is real

If you let senioritis take over your last year, opportunities will be missed!
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