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man pictured posing next to a cactus wearing a green flannel tshirt and a fedora hat

DJ advocates for Chicano activism

George Grunauer involves himself in the Mexican-American community through various platforms.
Thomas DaVinci pictured perusing the records in a record store

Thomas DaVinci brings Chicago talent to Los Angeles

Thomas Gentry shares knowledge about the music industry.
Brandon Hudson pictured writing in his notebook

CSUN poet talks motivation, self-expression

Inspired 20-year-old, shares what inspires and motivates him to be fearless.
Two women participate in a yoga session

CSUN alumna finds herself through yoga

CSUN graduate Karina Winkler takes her passion to teaching.
women discuss project on "mindfulness for mothers and caregivers of children with autism"

BUILD PODER program fosters growth in biomedical research

BUILD PODER offers resources and financial assistance to students
Movie theater show list says, "los angeles times ideas exchange bernie sanders"

Bernie Sanders and ‘Our Revolution’

Bernie Sanders' supporters rallied in Downtown Los Angeles to hear him give an inspiring talk.
Illustration depicting a woman listening to music with her headphones one. An illustrated brain is shown.

The vital role of music in cinema

A look into the inspiration and influence that music brings to TV and film.