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105-year-old woman shares her life experiences to CSUN sociology class

105-Year-Old Connie Farrell Weinberg gives students a talk about her life

L.A. County announce April as “Armenian History Month”

Armenian History Month is officially in April, as declared by the L.A. County.
Robert Gressis pictured teaching philosophy 150

Annual philosophy conference prepares students

Six students will present papers at the student philosophy conference
student plays a carnival game at earth fair

A.S. will host annual Earth Fair with speaker series, music and...

CSUN's Eath Fair themes will be waste, water, energy, transportation and climate change
Chalk portrait of Frida Kahlo made of flowers

Weekly picks: “Sleight” screening, Selena tribute, Pasadena Chalk Festival exhibit

Other picks include a comedy show and a star party at Griffith Observatory.
Two students pictured sitting at the tables outside the SRC and chatting

CSUN students push for plastic water bottle ban

Ban the Bottle movement aims to ban one-time-use plastic water bottles
Man holds up a poster that says, "stop separating families"

Students volunteer to help parents prepare in case of deportation

Students will learn how to file for guardianship petitions for undocumented parents
illustration of student debt

California lawmakers propose plan for affordable college

New plan aims to help with tuition and student housing.
still from the FIDM costume exhibit

Weekly Picks: Pasadena Art Night, Downtown Bookfest, George Takei exhibit

Wednesday 3/08 25th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Come to the FIDM Museum and Library to celebrate the showcasing excellence in film costume design....
An illustration of a student focusing on a computer that reads, "FanDuel"

Net neutrality may affect internet service customers

Net neutrality can affect customers
The VRC center is pictured

Veterans Resource Center to celebrate Women’s Military History Week

Women Military History Week provides events and activities for students.

How cheating and distrust impacts relationships

Cheating may not be a strictly sexual construct.