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Associated students develop A.S. Awareness Month and prepare for upcoming elections

President Sydni Powell listens intently to the blues project president’s plea for funding of their upcoming butterfly movement which is intended to discourage self harming activiites such as cutting during the associated students meeting at Csun’s grand salon, March 22, 2013. Photo credit by Justine Muller/ Contributor

Associated Students discussed funding for the Women’s Rugby Team, A.S. awareness month, bicycle and skateboard safety and the upcoming election during their Friday meeting.

With elections happening Tuesday and Wednesday, Election Chair Breanna Kyle reminded the senators to get the word out to their constituents and attend the Election Kick Off event on the Bayramian Hall Lawn on Monday.

“We’ll be having free food, a DJ and handing out voting information. It’s a great time for everyone to come learn about the candidates,” Kyle said during open forum.

The event will also feature a debate between the two opponents. The “Vision in Unity” slate, headed by current Vice President Christopher Woolett and Senator Talar Alexanian and the “N-Gage” ticket with Senator Bijan Nasseripourtowsi and Sahar Maknouni, president of the Iranian Student Association.

“The kick off is like a voter’s fair,” Alexanian said. “And it’s the day before so the information really sticks in everyone’s minds.”

A voting guide with information on all of the candidates is available online on the A.S. website.

The Senate also approved two new resolutions: the establishment of an A.S. Awareness Month and bicycle and skateboard safety.

This year A.S. Awareness Month will be in April, but in the future will be every February. The goal of the monthlong event is to “increase face-to-face interactions” with the student body and get them more involved and aware of the services offered by A.S.

Senators will be required to hold outdoor office hours, participate in a tabling event each week and organize an A.S. fair at the end of the month.

The Senate then passed a resolution to help promote bike and skateboard safety on campus. The resolution will establish “dismount and walk zones” in areas where foot traffic is heavy and accidents are more likely to happen. One of the proposed dismount zones will be between Cleary and Matador Walk, on the west side of the Oviatt Library.

The resolution cites specific incidents where both riders and pedestrians were injured across campus. It reports that from 2011 to 2012, skateboarding injuries increased 108 percent from 47 to 98 accidents, and bicycle injuries 23 percent from 60 to 74. Klotz Center has also reported multiple injuries due to skateboarding accidents, including about 20 sprains in 2012.

The resolution also “discourages” vehicles from driving on walkways in pedestrian heavy areas to avoid forcing students into the bike lanes and harm’s way.

The Senate allocated more than $5,000 for an event hosted by the women’s rugby team. The benches, canopies and bleachers will be permanent on the field, and can be used by the other teams who practice there, such as flag football or men’s rugby.

The team is hosting the Women’s Rugby Southern California playoffs, which is the first of its kind. As first in the league, the team was given the opportunity, but need help paying for supplies. They play on the North Field, which has no team benches or bleachers for an audience.

The team is expecting between 250-500 people to be in attendance and will be hosting teams from Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton, among others.

“CSUN has been really supportive of rugby,” said Gillian Chance, president of the rugby club. “We’ve been so successful because of our fans.”


National Center on Deafness hosts Miss Deaf CSUN pageant

CSUN’s National Center on Deafness is hosting a Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant Friday at 7 p.m.

The Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant, titled The Masquerade, will be located in Plaza del Sol at the USU and tickets will be sold at the office near the theater.

Tickets for students and children are $8.00 and tickets for non-students are $12.00. Parking for the event is $6.00.

For further information visit the National Center on Deafness website or contact deaf.csunians7@gmail.com.

Miss Deaf CSUN pageant

CSUN’s National Center on Deafness hosts Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant

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MISS DEAF CSUN PAGEANT is this Friday! Come see!! This is a picture of my sash from 2 years ago ha.… <a href="http://t.co/pZjklbcwW4" class="">instagr.am/p/XC6MlSmJXA/</a>Raquel M. Rodriduez
Come to Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant! It’s on Friday March 22 @ 7:00PM. Buy your ticket at AS Box Ticket Office! :) #csun @DeafCSUNians7CSUN ASL Lab
3 days left!! Come to the Miss Deaf CSUN Ambassador Pageant this Friday at 7 pm at CSUN. Outstanding candidates,… <a href="http://t.co/TBNMMfD2GZ" class="">fb.me/2qbmVT6hr</a>Maisha Antoinette
Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant is this Friday at 7 pm in Plaza del Sol. Tickets are $8 for CSUN students, & $12 for non students. Come & support. :)Maira
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Anyways I’m excited for this CSUN Deaf Pageant Jocelyn Aldama
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My girl is completing in the miss deaf CSUN pageant tonight :D Good luck to all the beautiful ladies #deaf #csun #pageant #northridgeEric Becerra
Good luck to ALL the ladies in the Ms. Deaf CSUN Pageant today! Crystine S. Kim, Elena Mayer, Carmen Meissner, Monay Joyner, Kimberly Han, Stacy Valle!!!Katie Kuyama
Good Luck to Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant 2013!Jenny Young
Backstage before pageant!!! #missdeafcsun #pageant #CSUNCrystine Kim
Very memorable pageant ever! #missdeafcsun #pageant #CSUNCrystine Kim
Getting ready before showtime! #missdeafcsun #CSUN #pageantCrystine Kim
Six lovely ladies strut their stuff for the grand prize at the Miss Deaf CSUN 2013 pageant. #CSUN #USU #PageantDaily Sundial
I am so proud of my girl. @stacemarlene won runner up at the miss Deaf CSUN pageant last night. Congratulations to the all beautiful contestants for the great performance!Eric Becerra
Elena Mayer won the Miss Deaf CSUN contest last nite. Big hands waving for her greatest accomplishment. We are so proud of her.Deborah S Mayer
Thank you all so much for coming to see the show last night, Miss Deaf CSUN Pageant 2013! I am so proud of all the contestants, Elena, Stacey, Crystine, Kimberly, Carmen, and Monay! You all were great and so beautiful! Congratulations to Elena for winning Miss Deaf CSUN!! You will be a great Miss Deaf CSUN!!! Also, thanks to the MCs, Spencer and Brandon! You guys had everyone laughing throughout the show! Finally, thanks so much for my committee, Aileen and the crew of the plaza del sol for helping me put on a successful show! Definitely, something I will never forget! <3 <3 <3Raquel McPeek Rodriguez

Comedic poet inspires creative writing students

Jeffrey McDaniel, a Philadelphia born poet and professor at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, recited poetry in Chaparral Hall Thursday night as part of an event hosted by The Northridge Creative Writing Circle Club (NCWC club).

He wrote his first poem when he was 14 and started composition poems that rhymed. His first poem was titled “The Roller Coaster of Life,” and later developed a comic touch to his writing about his life experiences.

“He is a magnificent poet,” said Sean Pessin, 24, graduate English major and president of the NCWC Club.

“He is a poet who focuses on the narrative, and as a fiction writer I can relate. He has surreal sensitivity (and) would take a cliché that you see a hundred million times and twist it until it breaks into something really awesome,” Pessin said.

With more than 100 students in attendance, they laughed together and enjoyed the sarcastic yet personal poetry of McDaniel. At the end of his reading, there was a Q&A session where students shared their thoughts and asked for advice.

“I thought the event was wonderful. It’s great that the club brought a professional to campus. A professional that has succeeded in the area that many (of us) are aspiring to be,” said Corri Ditch, graduate English major. “This is great I am really thankful to the NCWC club.”

“His use of imagery is just stunning, he described a poignant moment like the death of his mother and intertwined (it) with a football or a skull,” said Robin Smith, 23, graduate English major and member of the NCWC.

CSUN was McDaniel’s last stop in California before returning to New York. McDaniel said that the California sunset made up for the traffic that he had to deal with to on his way to campus.

McDaniel stayed to sign books and chat with students  interested in talking to him. Some of his publications include “The Endarkenment,” “The Splinter Factory,” and “The Forgiveness Parade.”

Cartoon drink recipes from your favorites

Illustration by Jeromy Velasco/contributor

There are many raunchy and over the top named drinks these days that are titled for the sake of a laugh or some kind of reaction, but if we tone it down and get creative we can assemble a variety of drinks that may bring about nostalgic memories from our adolescence. Pokemon, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Metroid and Disney themed drinks are sure to entertain gamers and the young-at-heart.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

The object of this drinking game is to name the seven dwarfs; if one is unable to, then they must drink the dwarf they forgot and then finish it off by drinking Snow White. Beware! If the drinker should fall into a deep slumber, true loves kiss will have no effect.


Happy – Tequila shot

Dopey – White rum shot

Grumpy – Vodka shot

Doc – Whiskey shot

Sneezy – Brandy shot

Bashful – Dark rum shot

Sleepy – Absinthe

Snow White – 1 shot of Kahlua, 2 shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream and 2 shots of vodka. Stir and garnish as needed.



T-Virus Shot: Resident Evil

Reanimate yourself with the T-Virus. This infectious shot will give you an unrelenting craving for more!


3/4 shot Silver rum

1/4 shot Everclear

1 Blue Twizzler



Wind a blue Twizzler around a tall double shot glass. It should stick to the sides of the glass. Pour in the silver rum and top with the Everclear.



Zero Suit Samus & Metroid Cocktails

Zero Suit Samus’ paralyzer is known for stopping her enemies cold. This chilled, sweet and sour fusion will do just the same. Metroids feed on the “life energy” of their prey. Return the favor and have some fun at the same time!

Zero Suit Samus Ingredients:

1 1/2 oz. Hypnotiq

1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 Sweet lemon

Splash of Midori

Splash of Apple Pucker


Zero Suit Samus Directions:

Squeeze the juice out of half a sweet lemon and use a scoop to remove the pulp, leaving you with just a clean rind. Measure the juice to 1/2 oz. and blend all ingredients together and strain into a glass. Cut a hole in the lemon rind for a straw and place over the glass.


Metroid Ingredients:

1/2 shot Bacardi Big Apple rum

1/2 shot Coconut rum

1/2 glass Kiwi Strawberry Crystal Light or Green Kool-Aid

1/2 Cup of 7UP and 3 Rasberries


Metroid Directions:

Mix and shake the two rums and kiwi strawberry and pour into a lowball glass.

Add the 7UP for a bit of flavor and carbonation.

Drop in three raspberries as a garnish.


Ryu’s Hadouken: Street Fighter

This combination doesn’t require an arrangement of ups, downs and heavy punches but an acquired taste for whisky and Bacardi 151. This fiery ensemble is all you need for a heavy attack on the senses; just don’t let it knock you out.


3/4 oz. Blue Curacao

3/4 oz. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Splash of Bacardi 151



Mix the blue curacao and Fireball in a shot glass.

Layer a thin bit of Bacardi 151 (or other 151 rum) on the top and light on fire.

Block to extinguish and drink!  Add more Bacardi 151 to the top to make it a Shinkuu Hadouken.



Pikachu: Pokemon

A wild Pikachu has appeared…drink it! This concoction will send a shockwave through your body and keep you in an elated state of mind; Nurse Joy won’t know what to do with you.


1/2 oz. Grenadine

1/2 oz. Crème de Banana

1/2 oz. Captain Morgan Tattoo



Pour the grenadine.

Next layer the Crème de banana, then layer the Captain Morgan tattoo on top.

‘Stoker,’ tries too hard to be suspenseful

Back in 2003, a violent gut-punch of a movie came out of South Korea titled “Oldboy.” Many who saw the film were instantly taken by its twisted story of revenge, not to mention one of the most shocking endings in cinematic history. Fast forward ten years and you have director Park Chan-Wook’s first foray into American mainstream cinema, “Stoker.” The film unfortunately doesn’t quite reach the bar set by it’s director, but the blame can’t all be put on him. This was a group effort.

The film centers around India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska), an 18-year-old loner who just lost her father in a car wreck. During the funeral, Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) shows up wanting to reconnect with the family. India’s unstable mother, Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) is instantly taken by him, but India, not so much. She can sense something sinister about this long lost, possibly homicidal uncle, yet finds herself strangely drawn to him also.

Wasikowska (‘Jane Eyre,’ ‘The Kids Are Alright’) shows spark as a young girl coming to terms, but there’s a slight disconnect between the events that occur and her reactions. Kidman does her best to tune into her character’s deteriorating psyche, exposing Evelyn’s unhappiness in small bits. Yet, it’s Uncle Charlie who is the most drawn out and Goode (‘Watchmen’) commits to the part, revealing his character’s motives.

Technically, the film achieved its gothic look with ease. Chan-Wook works carefully with his Cinematographer, Chung-hoon Chung, to make every image pop. The duo also blend color schemes with character actions and emotions to serve the script by Wentworth Miller (yes, the guy from Prison Break).

As a storyteller, Miller tries to put a Hitchcock spin on the coming-of-age tale, hinting at notes of dread and building suspense, but it doesn’t pay off. Mainly because our heroine never comes around, which makes it difficult to know what she’s up to. Is she scared of her uncle? Does she love her uncle? Does she even know how she feels? Probably not, but I get the gist. She’s growing up. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but it’s a shame the movie couldn’t figure that out. Instead it tries to be a thriller with adolescent issues of its own.

It’s easy to dismiss the film for being confusing, or slightly pretentious. Regardless of its visual beauty, “Stoker” never manages to turn it’s parts into a whole. Chan-Wook maniacally plays with the scene direction and camera movement to the point of completely pulling us out of the story, inadvertently exposing the gaping holes in the plot. Instead of being involved in the movie, I kept questioning if he was overcompensating intentionally. It really is too bad. If only more attention was focused on the plot instead of style, “Stoker” could’ve been much more effective.

Iron Matador; cooking competition at CSUN

The Student Dieticic and Food Science Association will be hosting the Iron Matador, a culinary competition Saturday March 23 from 10:30 am to 2:00 p.m. at the Food Science Lab at Sequoia Hall, room 112.

The competition, according to Cassie Berger from the SDFSA, will be similar to the food competition shows you will normally see on the Food Network like Iron Chef. Four teams of CSUN students will be cooking three rounds of food and having to incorporate a secret ingredient. While the contestants are cooking, the audience members will also be competing for prizes through fun trivia games.

“The judges will include faculty members and a few surprise industry guests,” Berger said. The judges that have been named so far are: Dr. Claudia Fajardo-Lira, Ellen Bauersfeld, Asasha Roberts, and Joy Ahems.

This year’s theme is “Disease- Specific Cooking,” the teams will have to cook an appetizer, entree and dessert that would be healthy for anyone has a specific disease. The teams will get to choose their specific disease and colors.  The teams will have only 45 minutes for each round; after they will present the dishes to the judges, explaining what they made and why they chose that specific disease. The team will be reimbursed for their grocerries, the limit however is $40. A dishwasher will be provided to help with the cleaning.

The teams are expected to have their dishes planned out by the competition, but they will still have to incorporate the secret ingredient which they will find out Saturday morning.

Iron Matador – CSUN Cooking Competition

Students compete in culinary competition hosted by The Student Dieticic and Food Science Association.

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Come join us at the 7th annual Iron Matador this Saturday, March 23 from 10:30am-2pm in SQ 112. Watch teams… <a href="http://t.co/OgYmq2khyO" class=""><a href="http://t.co/OgYmq2khyO" class="">fb.me/23PcGI8rW</a></a>CSUN SDFSA
CSUN’s 7th Iron Matador competition.Brandi Randolph
Want free food? Come to Iron Matador tomorrow at 10:30! @ CSUN, SQ 112. Joel Paramo, Holly Allene Kerker and I will be making some delish dishes while looking fly ;)Jenna Jackson
Iron Matador! #csun #matador #sdfsa #nutrition #dietetics #awesome #chef #cooking #purpose #tofu #lasagna #vegetarian #vegan #fresh #faceless #nocholesterol #end #disease #fun #smart @jdjax @hollyolly_oxenfreeJoel Paramo
Team Awesome!!! @jdjax @joelparamo #ironmatador #sdsfa #csun #freshandfacelessHolly Kerker
Team awesome! #ironmatador #freshandfaceless #csun @jdjax @joelparamoHolly Kerker
Our vegetarian meal to fight hyper cholesterol! Feta and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms, Vegan Grilled Tofu and Zucchini No Bake Lasagna, and Vegan Banana Chocolate and Walnut Ice Cream. The secret ingredient of the day was Chocolate! We won second place and I am so proud of my team for entering literally days before the competition, never getting to practice our recipes, and keeping the most positive and friendliest attitudes out of everyone in attendance today! Give it up to Team Awesome!!! #ironmatador #chocolate #vegan #vegetarian #chefs #cooking #csun #teamawesome #yumm #soproud @jdjax @joelparamoHolly Kerker

The Northridge Farmers’ Market’s opening event

Northridge Fashion Center kicked off the 2013 Spring season of the Farmer’s Market and Family Festival with entertainment, food and rides Wednesday evening.

Northridge Fashion Center’s seasonal Farmers’ Market and Family Festival brought out community members for an evening of family fun. Magicians, balloon animal artists, temporary tattoo artists, and face painters, were among the family friendly activities, als

The Granada Hills Charter High School Highlander Marching Band also performed.

Participants had the opportunity to ride the giant blow-up slide, jump inside the bouncy house and pet farm animals in the petting zoo. More adventurous guests stepped into a harness to jump on the bungee trampoline to show off their flipping skills.

Locally grown organic produce was available for purchase and some booths even gave guests free samples.

A highlight of the event were the various booths dedicated to selling food. Some of the booths stayed away from the fair-type foods by offering hummus, pierogies, Peruvian, Hawaiian and Mexican food.

But guests could still find those deep fried foods they might be craving for.

“I decided to(use) deep fried (foods) as a gimmick,” Jeff Ardi said.

Ardi, who attended CSUN in 2007, set up a booth to promote his catering company Mr. Ardi’s Catering. He left CSUN to attend culinary school. This was Ardi’s third year at the event. He comes to the Farmers’ Market to promote his catering business with the allure of his smoked BBQ brisket, a dish he his most known for.

“I mainly try to do smoked meat, but if you call me I can do anything,” Ardi said.

Ardi wasn’t the only former CSUN student promoting their work.

Warrant Officer Dave Pulos, a 2006 CSUN recreation tourism management graduate, was recruiting students for the school he teaches at, North Valley Military Institute, formerly North Valley Charter Academy. He also serves as the assistant commandant.

NVMI  is a sister school to the Oakland Military Institute, co-founded by Gov. Jerry Brown. NVMI is a free public college preparatory school for grades 6-12.

“The Oakland Military Institute has 80% of graduating seniors accepted to a four year university. We want to bring that down here,” Pulos said.

Nineteen-year-old Prinz Francisco, current accounting major at College of the Canyons and hopeful future CSUN student, was promoting his business, Oh Mini Donuts.

Francisco’s father wanted him to know what it was like to run a business so he bought Francisco the necessary equipment. This is Francisco’s second year at the farmer’s market.

The Farmers’ Market will take place every Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. through October 2013.

Put your food budget on a diet

If only we didn’t have to eat every day! Think of the money we could save if dinner was only required twice a week. Alas, starving students must eat every day. The price of grabbing a bite on the go can sneak up on us though. A burger and fries before class followed by that much-needed latte and maybe a snack during study group adds up fast. Before you know it, the bank account is shrinking at an alarming rate. All those meals add up.

With a little planning, and some smart choices, students can save a lot of money on food and even eat a healthy meal here and there. And yes, you can do it on our CSUN campus. Here are a some cheap food options on campus.

1. Tucked away in the bookstore complex are a couple of well-known fast food joints. Now, you might not think of Burger King as the place to go for healthy and cheap meals…and you might be right, but El Pollo Loco does offer a reasonably priced, $5 pollo bowl. The all-in-one meal comes with rice, pinto beans, a little pico de gallo and, of course, their famous grilled chicken and you can also spice it up with some salsa

2. The Arbor Grill is a terrific little spot that has it all. Located behind the Oviatt Library, you’ll find a convenience store that provides all sorts of snacks and drinks for the student-on-the-go, but the real value is the grilled food itself. Try their southwest salad with black beans, corn, tortilla strips and mozzarella cheese on a bed of fresh spring greens for just $4.19. Regulars also recommend the tuna salad melt if you’re looking for something a little more substantial. You can also get a Albacore tuna salad grilled with Swiss cheese on rye for $4.99.

3. The Marketplace at the Sierra Center complex can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Located just across from the B3 parking structure on the corner of Etiwanda Ave. and Prairie Street, this building hosts eateries with everything from pasta to sushi. You can build your own custom salad at the Grill & Greens salad bar in the center of it all for just $3.79 for a small and $5.29 for a large. No need to worry about weight, just make sure the container closes! Checkers Deli has more than tater tots and chicken strips. Try their turkey cranberry wrap combo (it comes with two sides) for $6.49. There’s enough here to split with a friend or save for lunch tomorrow.

4. Of course, one of the best ways to save on eating out is, well…not to eat out. Packing your mid-day meal can save a lot of money. A person can only pack so many sack lunches before you long for something else, though. Make the most of last night’s leftovers at one of the campus microwaves. There’s one at The Edge convenience store in the bookstore complex and another tucked away in the Michael Eisner Education building, near the vending machines. Just remember to pack a fork and spoon!

5. Even if you do end up grabbing a little guilty pleasure snack before class, you don’t have to feel so guilty about it. CSUN offers a few ways to save on campus dining. There’s your handy-dandy MataMoney card which saves you ten percent at campus eateries. The Freudian Sip offers a loyalty card that will get you a free drink after you’ve bought ten. It’s a little shocking how quickly that card gets filled up! The Marketplace at the Sierra Center also has a loyalty card that will get you a free $6 item after you’ve spent $5 or more on nine separate occasions. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

Men’s Volleyball: Matadors drop third straight game to open up final homestand of the season

The ninth-ranked CSUN men’s volleyball team (10-9, 8-9 MPSF) lost its third straight game Wednesday night, opening its final homestand of the season in a tough five set match against the 11th-ranked Cal Baptist Lancers (12-11, 8-9) 25-23, 23-25, 22-25,25-21, 16-14.

The Matadors were never able to take control of the game, exemplified in the fifth set, where the Matadors led 3-1 early and let up a 6-1 run by the Lancers to make it a 7-4 deficit, capped off by a kill from Lancer senior outside hitter Levi Cabral.

Northridge fought back in the set tying the score at 14-14, but it was not enough as Cal Baptist scored the game’s last two points with a game-winning kill by Cabral.

“We just did not make many plays in game five in order to win,” said head coach Jeff Campbell. “Usually in a match like that it will be just one or two plays. They had a fast offense that created some problems (for blocking) and this is the second match in a row that we just did not block balls. (For next game) we just got to get better by focusing on those things.”

For the match, CSUN had a total of 5.5 blocks, compared to the Lancers’ 16 blocks.

“In the fifth set it was a matter of two points whether it was our passing, serving, hitting or blocking. It was one of those things that one of us could have made the difference,” said senior opposite hitter John Baker, who had 23 kills and a .477 hitting percentage for the match. “I feel we could have blocked more.They (also) hit the high .300 so that not ok in this league and that’s what separates a winning team from a losing team.”

The Matadors began the first set in a quick 4-1 deficit to the Lancers, but responded with a 3-1 run to close the lead to 5-4. Cal Baptist went on a 9-3 run that stretched the lead out seven points at 14-7.

Northridge was able to close the margin to one twice late in the match at 20-19 and 24-23, but Cal Baptist answered back each time with a kill by senior outside hitter Aaron McCalmont to win the first set.

In the next two sets teams the battled back and forth, tying the score 13 times in the second set, and 21 times in the third set.

CSUN began to separate itself in the second set at 21-19, after a kill from sophomore setter Travis Magorien, who had 38 assists for the game. Northridge increased the lead to 23-20 after a kill by junior outside hitter Brandon Lebrock.

The Lancers responded with a 3-0 run, but it was quickly answered by the Matadors who won the set 25-23, scoring the last two points.

The third set was another back and forth battle, with the Matadors gutting out another set win 25-22 by scoring the last three points, finished off with a kill by Baker.

In the fourth set the teams were tied early at 4-4 until the Lancers went on an 8-3 run that was culminated by a Cabral kill to push the score to a 11-7 lead. The Lancers never relinquished the lead and won the game 25-21.

“I think we not mentally prepared on our side (tonight), “ said senior middle back Jared Moore, who had 7 kills for the game. “We were just a little too much focused on them and not ourselves…We just need to play better.

CSUN hosts annual Take Back the Night event

The Women’s Resource and Research Center will be hosting the 10th annual Take Back the Night rally on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Students, student groups, and activists will meet at the University Student Union Plaza Del Sol where they will rally together to protest violence against women.

As explained in a previous Sundial article, most violent acts against women happen between 6 – 10 p.m. The event, happening during that time frame, is put together so that women can reclaim the night and fight against the injustices.

Take Back the Night will open with a performance from Natalia Zukerman and President Dianne Harrison will welcome attendees.

Project D.A.T.E. will speak about the sexual assault prevention program and V-Day CSUN will perform a monologue from Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.” There will be performances throughout the night by spoken word artist, Yazmin Watkins.

Daniel Foster, CSUN police department’s crime prevention coordinator, will take the stage and educate attendees on crime prevention techniques.

In past years, the rally participants created posters with phrases such as “Stop the Violence” painted on them. They also decorated shirts with anti-violence messages on them.

When the performances conclude, students, faculty, staff and activists will march by candlelight from the USU to the WRRC, located on Halsted.

The night will be topped off with testimonials and real life accounts of experiences with violence.

Take Back the Night – CSUN 2013

The Women’s Resource and Research Center hosted annual Take Back the Night Event, a rally to protest violence against women. The event included a musical performance by Natalia Zukerman, speakers from Project D.A.T.E. and CSUN Police Department, testimonies of survivors and a candlelight march.

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Take Back the Night – Rally to fight violence against women #csunDaily Sundial
Survivors Unite, Take Back The Night! Speak Even If Your Voice Shakes! #tbtn #takebackthenight #csun #solidarity #rally #march #feminist #voiceAlexis
Some of us young #Dems made rally signs for the 10th Annual Take Back The Night! #feminism #violence #college #student #csunCSUN Young Democrats
Take back the night. #supportAmanda Mae Bongiovanni
#CSUN#InOtherNews#RalliesNick DiNapoli
10th Annual Take Back The Night! #feminism #student #csuntyhalen

Alumnus to screen new film about Iraq War veterans

Correction: Tickets online are $5. Only tickets at the door cost $10.00

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) and UCLA’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) will be screening the documentary “High Ground” Thursday in the USU Theater.

The 7 p.m. screening will also feature a post-movie Q&A with the producer, Don Hahn, a CSUN alumnus.

“High Ground” follows 11 veterans as they attempt to climb Mount Lobuche, a 20,000 foot mountain in the Himalayas. The team, lead by blind veteran Erik Weihenmayer, symbolize their climb with their struggle to cope with emotional and physical scars from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The screening, which is open to the public, costs $5.00, but tickets online or at the door are $10.00. All sales benefit the UCLA Bruin Battalion student group.

New technology lounge to be built in Sol Center

The USU Board of Directors is currently working on creating a technology lounge on campus.

Although originally projected to open by the end of 2013, the board has now decided to complete only a proposed design, based on their meeting held last month.

“A completion date is still to be determined and will be based on what students want in this space, the budget and how quickly we can make it happen,” said Shannon Krajewski, USU associate director for marketing and programs.

According to Kevin Lizarraga, USU marketing manager, the Oviatt Library is undergoing renovation as well and will be installing new furniture and technology.

The renovations will be found throughout the first floor of the library including both wings and the core. Renovations will include new technologies for librarians and ergonomic and flexible furniture for students.

The renovations in the library are proposed to start in Fall 2013.

Based on observation from this addition, the USU will assess how students use these items in the library and incorporate whether additional similar items are needed or if something completely different should be created in the technology lounge.

“Once we know the needs, then a budget can be developed,” Lizarraga said referring to the planning of the lounge.

Student feedback is equally important in planning the technology lounge. Determinations of what students want and need are thoroughly incorporated into the board’s decisions in building and furnishing this new space.

“As a young person, the idea of a technology lounge sounds great, however, I believe more funding should be put into areas such as enabling students to take more classes and supporting professors to teach those classes,” said Amanda Sutton, 25, senior, health administration.

“The idea of a lounge with big screen televisions, computers and possibly video games is another way to keep students indoors and inactive,” said Matthew Rodriguez, 23, junior, environmental and occupational health.

Details as to what will be included regarding furniture, equipment and amenities has not been disclosed as yet, but according to Krawjeski, because there is already a television lounge in the Sol Center, the technology lounge might focus more on supporting group and individual studying.

“It is important to the University Student Union and its board of directors that all decisions we make, especially those with fiscal implications, are informed by student input and assessment data,” Krajewski said.

The location for the technology lounge, decided at the USU Board of Directors meeting in June 2012, will be in the former computer lab located on the second floor of the Sol Center building.

Funding for this space will come from existing student fees paid each semester at the USU. An estimated cost cannot be provided until decisions based on features and furnishings are chosen. The project will not increase student fees.