Demonstrators voice concern for future CSU students

CSUN students protesting for March 2 Day of Action met up in front of the Oviatt Library after two groups split to march to the west and east side of the campus. The students are protesting increasing fee hikes and Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal to cut $500 million from education. Around 1 p.m. student […]

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LAPD and CSUN police out in force to monitor March 2 Day of Action protest

Hundreds of Los Angeles Police Department officers filled the F10 student parking lot on the northeast corner of Lindley Avenue and Lassen Street as a staging area for the March 2 protest against budget cuts and tuition increase. Gus Villanueva, Los Angeles Police Department public information officer and detective said the LAPD wanted to make […]


Students protesting during Day of Action seek to educate others

Students protesting hope to educate others about the budget cuts and the negative effects they are having on education. Brian De Guzman, 22, Asian American studies major and one of the student organizers, said there are people out on street corners trying to gather a bigger crowd. “This day is to inform decision makers of […]


CSU budget cuts protesters start marches on and around campus for Day of Action

The number of protesters gathering in front of the Oviatt Library began to gradually grow around 11:20 a.m. Students first began to gather in front of the library at 10:20 a.m. Bayramian Hall was one of the locations visited around this time by a group of protesters who passed by Admissions and Records and proceeded […]


CSUN students are met by police as they come out to protest in Day of Action

CSUN students are participating in a Day of Action by protesting the the recent tuition hikes and budget cuts to the CSU and UC systems. The march started at 10 a.m. in front of the Oviatt Library. Police can be seen throughout the campus and nearby streets. One large group of officers was seen at […]


A.S. to further revamp election procedures

The Daily Sundial reported last week that A.S. elections codes had changed and, pending an administrative meeting, more alterations may be coming. Elections Director Brittney Hoogervorst said the elections committee will meet this week to vote on additions to CSUN’s procedure. Hoogervorst said informational voter guides, presidential debates in lieu of candidate debates and an […]


Portions of G3 parking structure reserved for tonight’s VPAC performance

Parts of the G3 parking structure will be reserved this afternoon for the sold-out Joan Rivers performance at the Valley Performance Arts Center (VPAC). The department of police services sent an e-mail advising the CSUN community of the temporary closure. Because the performance begins at 8 p.m., some students will be affected, according to an […]


So many organic, Fair Trade certification labels

There has been a few friends, relatives, even strangers, asking me what type of certification label should they look for on products, like chocolates, coffee, energy bars, etc. It seems like an easy answer, though as I caught myself responding to their questions, they had follow up questions that made a Q&A into a conversation […]


2012 Predictions Are Not To Be Taken Seriously

I find it rather fascinating how people feed off negativity or chaos. We say we want peace yet if and when it occurs, we really don’t know what to do. 2012 is vastly approaching and Hollywood produced a movie in response to a few hyped up hoaxes. Do any of us remember Y2K? The computers […]


Three CicLAvia events for 2011

Last fall, the city of Los Angeles held its first ever ciclovia that closed streets that stretched over seven miles from East Hollywood to Boyle Heights for people to walk, jog, bike and just have a good time on that sunny day. Thanks to the city government and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa plus sponsors, three CicLAvia […]


A.S. alters elections code, makes involvement “more appealing”

The A.S. senate amended election codes Tuesday in an effort to make student involvement in campus government more appealing. Among the changes, students will no longer have to post a participation bond to run in the student elections.  Prior to these changes, students were required to post $40 individually or $80 for a president-vice president […]


NASA Discovers Recent Solar Flare Largest in Sun Cycle

Love wasn’t the only thing sparking heat on Valentine’s Day. According to NASA, the sun released the largest solar flare in four years! X-Class came from the sunspot 1158 on the surface and is expected to reach earth by mid week. Solar flares occur when magnetic energy in the sun’s atmosphere build up and explodes, […]

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