Renovated Black House expands for the African American community

Wilson speaks to a large audience of visitors in the Black House
The Department of Africana Studies hosted a soft opening of the newly renovated Black House on May 4.

Alumni create video game-based press

Altman and Cardenas sit at a desk filled with video game accessories and a card that says, "what your teachers are playing"
Select Start Press focuses on examining video games in a scholarly fashion.

Wax over grass

A wide variety of medical marijuanna products pictured
A new and evolving way for stoners to get blazed.

Engineering students present their work at Senior Design Project Showcase

still from the interview with three csun engineering students at their senior design project showcasevideo
CSUN's vision for the future is full of technological research and products for the public.

CSUN students have taken advantage of the gadgets available to them

Student pictured while using his smartwatch
Classroom technology gives students a modern experience.

The rise of a visual-based language

Illustration shows a texting conversation entirely using emojis
As time goes on, communication patterns change. The visual-based emoji is taking over text-based communication.

Bernie Sanders and ‘Our Revolution’

Movie theater show list says, "los angeles times ideas exchange bernie sanders"
Bernie Sanders' supporters rallied in Downtown Los Angeles to hear him give an inspiring talk.

Singles mingle at the anti-Valentine’s Day party

The Museum of Broken Hearts hosted a party for people who wanted an anti-corny Valentine's Day

Part one: The psychology behind cultural literacy

Without appropriate background knowledge of different cultures and minority groups, it can be challenging to communicate properly with a person of a different background than one's own.

CSUN Homecoming returns, bringing alumni back together

After a 15 year absence, CSUN alumni revisited campus for this year's homecoming event full of exciting activites.

An interview with La Santa Cecilia

An illuminating interview with bassist Alex Bendana of Mexican-American band La Santa Cecilia.

Viola Davis discusses poverty, racism and insecurity at CSUN

Viola Davis smiles while presenting at VPAC
Yesterday at her A.S. Big Lecture, Viola Davis shared powerful insights from her life struggle.