Relationships Happen: Starting over isn’t for everyone

Relationships are complicated and difficult, sometimes messy. The worst is when someone is asked  to  “start over.”  But what exactly does that mean? Theatre major...

‘Adventure Time’ might not be the right show for kids

There used to be a time when, in college, if you told someone you watched a show about rainbow unicorns and candy princesses, you’d...

Getting sleep even with a snoring roommate

The snoring roommate scenario is  well-known within all dorm room communities. These roommates can cause severe irritation for the other party. Many students need...

Dressing appropriately for an interview

When going to an interview, making a good impression is very important. Not only by how you present yourself, but how you look and...

Disney Movie “Zootopia” raises social issues

Disney's new light hearted animation teaches moral values in a relatable and visually appealing way.

Blind date etiquette 101

Being set up on a blind date by a family member or close friend can go two ways, 1) the date can go well...

The benefits of living on campus

While it is easier and more comfortable in your own home, living in the dorms has its advantages by letting the student live the...

New waffle shop brings the love to Northridge

waffle grilled cheese sandwich pictured
Build your own waffle at Waffle Love, featuring all kinds of flavors.

‘West Side Story’ comes to CSUN

Eddie Egan headshot
La Mirada Theatre and Valley Performing Arts Center will present "West Side Story" March from 10 through March 12 at the VPAC.

Know when to leave a bad relationship

There are a number of reasons why people stay in bad relationships. There may be kids involved, the fear of being alone, financial security,...

The Duolingo Effect

Duolingo logo shows a bird perched on a globe
Duolingo is a mobile app readily available for those who want to learn a language on-the-go

Food Truck Fridays on Chatsworth

Photo shows several food trucks and customers
Every Friday on the corner of Zelzah and Chatsworth, from 5pm-11pm, food trucks of all kinds line up to serve unique dishes to hungry...