The Matador Bookstore offers various of reads for leisure

drawing of various books outlined in orange purple yellow and blue colors
Carrie Fisher, Zombie Survival Guide, Gods and creatures and more

Weekly Editor’s picks: movie screening, Earth Day activities, free concert

People walk outside Regal Theater
With Friday being earth day, we have suggested some green and eco-friendly events to attend throughout the week.

Taste of Soul LA kicks off its eighth year this Saturday

This Saturday’s Taste of Soul Los Angeles is known as one of largest street festivals in the city. The annual event features all things...

A conversation with Victimas del Dr. Cerebro

band dressed in all black posing for a photo shoot
Catch them live at The Union on Friday, Dec. 8th

Weekly book column: philosophy

Virtually any area of study has its own philosophy which could be explored more thoroughly in an expert's essay.

“GIRLS” Season 4 reinvigorates Lena Dunham’s series

The GIRLS gang concludes a stunning fourth season, with the group delivering chaos consistently throughout.

Overcoming single-parenting and financial insecurity for education

Graduate student Kim Kramer didn’t plan to complete her master of science degree in geology as a single parent living in student housing while...

Watch: Lifeclash Episode 2

Here’s our second episode of Lifeclash! It is a Valentine inspired theme so we cover stories from worst dates, creative places to go for...

Activist Bree Newsome delivers ‘awakening’ speech

girl wearing a bright red dress and large earrings stands at the podium
Bree Newsome's speech, delivered at Plaza del Sol, may seem liberating but it was also met with opposition.

Students with businesses…it’s possible

>>CORRECTION: The business featured in this article is not an online advertising agency and was never a family business, Victoria Khaze is the...

Chinese acrobat team light up the VPAC stage

  The lights dimmed and triumphant music began as the performers from The National Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China joined the VPAC stage...

Tegan and Sara’s ‘Heartthrob’ proves to be a successful transition

Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie band of identical twins, have been playing since 1995 but prior to their current success, the two had...