Music therapy major follows her calling

Look into the life of a CSUN music therapy major Crystal Waters last semester

Learn more about CSUN’s Music Therapy Clinic

Music heals all wounds at CSUN's Music Therapy Wellness Clinic

CSUN sound roundup 1/30 – 2/8

Weekly sound roundups are here to save you from looking lost when you're hit with, "You haven't heard it yet?!"

When and Where 1/30-2/8

Wednesday, Jan. 30Indoor Pets (Concert)Cost: $12Time: 7:30 p.m.Place: Moroccan Lounge; 901 E 1st St., Los AngelesIndoor Pets is an up-and-coming band reminiscent of Weezer...

CSUN sounds (playlist)

Every week The Sundial curates a list of songs that captures the scene of our campus. These lists are designed to feature the hidden gems that make up our current music culture.

When and Where 1/22 – 2/1

Tuesday, Jan. 22Elton John: Farewell Yellow Brick Road TourCost: $64Time: 8 p.m.Place: The Staples Center; 1111 S Figueroa St., Los AngelesElton John is kicking...

CSUN’s 22nd Annual High School Invitational

Face to face with the work of young artists well beyond their years

Review of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

"Bandersnatch" offers a re-hashing that people have less free will than they believe

‘Gentle Breeze’: A student film breaking the taboo around consent

CSUN CTVA student puts her skills to great use in a film about sexual consent

CTVA presents LatinAuteur – Cinema from Spain to Latin America

Come see various films from Latin American and Spanish directors playing throughout the spring semester

Book Review: Jurassic Park

Let's take it back ... to the Jurassic!

Alumnus offers opportunities for artists

CSUN grad turned children's book author is recruiting illustrators on campus
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