Cheech Marin hosts a night of Latin comedy and Chicano/a art

Richard 'Cheech' Marin hosts a night of Latin comedy and Chicano/a art, bringing recognition to underrepresented talent.

M.E.Ch.A focused on xenophobia at annual Endependence Day

M.E.Ch.A's annual endependence day event focused on xenophobia this year.

Mattes, Satins, and Glosses: Fall Lip Trends

Here are some lip products that target these shades in matte, satin, or glossy finishes on an affordable budget.

Local store aims to bring diverse beauty products for the valley...

pictured store front of Starr beauty store in black and white lettering
Starr Beauty has a range of products from Morphe to NYX cosmetics.

Banned Books Week: Books are challenged for having LGBT content

woman in gray shirt reading from a book in front of a power point
The fear of "the other" and the question of can there be a digital ban was the central discussion for the 5th Annual Banned...

The “G” Word:Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

woman with red tape over mouth with a sign reading in red and black 1915 never again
through films like Kirk Kirkorian's "The Promise" and the soon-to-be-released documentary "Architects of Denial," the Armenian genocide is gaining recognition.

Weekly Picks: EOP Celebration, Wine Tasting, Boat Show and more

drawing with weekly picks written on it with various drawings around it
EOP, boats, horror nights, wine and more!

iPhone X alternatives for a cheaper price

reflective phone with blue white green and orange colors
New iPhones to come and alternatives if you prefer non-apple products

Africana Studies Department publishes annual Kapu Sens literary journal

Cover illustrating a father grand father and son with red title reading one love: strength and solidarity in a time of uncertainty
Kapu Sens is a literary journal which helps students have their own creative works published in a widely distributed book.

How Fenty Beauty shook the make-up world

Rihanna pictured smiling, shes wearing a dark green jacket and has short black hair with bangs
Rihanna's products have embraced diversity in the beauty industry.

What to expect from Big Show 2017

Ad shows big letters that read, "Big Show Oct 7" along with a photo of performer Valentino Khan
With Big Show '17 right around the corner, the CSUN campus is preparing for an evening of an EDM wonderland with featured performers Dillon Francis, Phantoms and Valentino Khan.