89th Oscars recap: mishap makes history

ACademy Awards nominees are all gathered around a giant oscar
Minutes after “La La Land” awarded best picture, “Moonlight” is announced the real winner.

Big turnout for ’13th’ screening

Professor leads discussion at screening
The documentary focuses on the corruption of the prison system.

Going vegetarian is doable if you plan right

Pictured is Teri Lisagor sitting at her desk
The most important aspect of a vegetarian diet is understanding the nutritional factors in food choices

CSUN students have taken advantage of the gadgets available to them

Student pictured while using his smartwatch
Classroom technology gives students a modern experience.

JADE workshop teaches ways to use art as a form of...

Girl writes using colored pencil
The Joint Advocates for Disordered Eating (JADE) hosted a workshop sponsored by the University Counseling Services.

The rise of a visual-based language

Illustration shows a texting conversation entirely using emojis
As time goes on, communication patterns change. The visual-based emoji is taking over text-based communication.

Women worry about the defunding of Planned Parenthood

photo shows the exterior of a planned parenthood
Women across the nation are worried that with the new Trump administration, their rights to family planning, contraception and sexual education will be taken away.

Reducing carbon footprint effectively

photo shows woman biking to work
Buying an electric car to reduce one's carbon footprint may not be the best idea to help the environment.

Bernie Sanders and ‘Our Revolution’

Movie theater show list says, "los angeles times ideas exchange bernie sanders"
Bernie Sanders' supporters rallied in Downtown Los Angeles to hear him give an inspiring talk.

Weekly book column: dystopian novels

Sudden spike in sales calls for dystopian genre.

Weekly Picks: Adam Lustick comedy event, “13th” screening at CSUN, Cofee-con,...

Monday, 2/20 A Monthly Comedy Event Hosted by Adam Lustick & Friends | Comedy The stand-up comedy show is hosted by Adam Lustick, a member of...