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Episode 4: Nerd Minute News: Dave Chappelle And Chill/ Porn, and Unequal Orgasms

Nathalie mentions why porn has no connection to successful and unsuccessful relationships and why women achieving orgasms is important for both partners.   https://soundcloud.com/daily-sundial/thats-what-she-said-31517  
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The Countdown: Music that takes you places

Music makes you dance, cry, laugh, sing along and reflect. This episode of The Countdown is an ode to rap music and the impact...
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Episode 3: Women that gave no F’s

IMDB introduces a new rating to bring awareness of women in the television and movie industry. In honor of Women's History Month, Nathalie shares...
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Ep.4 Westbrook isn’t a superstar?

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss soccer for the first time! With Bogut's injury, is the Cavs' season over? Is Kawhi Leonard an offensive...

Nihilism: A crash course

New Geek Clash episode! New week, new member! We are happy to welcome Joceline to the show! She is a new regular on the show...
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Nerd Minute News

In NMN (Nerd Minute news), Nathalie mentions the expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe and family with Mantis, Star-Lord's dad and characters...
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Everyone’s on the Move!

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto discuss the NBA and NHL deadline winners and losers. Also, with the Warriors being the first to clinch playoffs,...

For Jobs

On this weeks' Geek Clash the guys discuss Drew and Felipe's impressions of the Ghost Recon beta, Drew and Danny discuss Kendrick Lamar's guest...
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NBA Madness

Aaron Peeples and Ryan Basulto weigh in on everything from All Star Weekend, Magic, and your team's needs for the trade deadline.   https://soundcloud.com/daily-sundial/no-bull-22117

The Show Goes On

On This Weeks Geek Clash, Drew is MIA so Danny and Felipe carry on the show as Drew would have wanted (though he will...
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The Countdown: Are you an ‘individual’?

Fact: No two people are the same. We know this, yet we still try so hard to be ‘individuals’. We want to find ourselves...
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That’s What She Said Episode 1

Are you intimate?? Nathalie Ramirez brings you some Valentine's Day tips about sex, relationships, and how to be intimate.   https://soundcloud.com/daily-sundial/thats-what-she-said-ep1-mixdown