Geek Clash Ep. 60: That Time We Went to Comic Con

This long awaited episode is filled with tales from the time Danny and Alex went to LA Comic Con, Felipe was the reasonable one...

The Countdown: The Ballot Episode

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2016 has been an unbelievable election year, but believe it or not, there actually are other things to talk about in the world of...

Mini Report: Pre-Election Readiness

Picture displays voting pins
In another special report, Cammeron Parrish tells us if Los Angeles residents are ready to to vote in tomorrow's election!

Mini Report: Climate Change

Photo shows Clinton and Trump, Text reads: "Trump and Clinton on the issues: Climate Change"
The election is days away and reporter Cammeron Parrish is telling us what the candidates think about climate change!

The Countdown: The “Woke” Episode

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If someone were to ask you if you were “woke,” what would your answer be? During this episode, Dede and Henry discuss the current...

Greenlight Ep. 20: What the Tuck?!

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Gonzalo and Chauncey are joined this week by drag enthusiast Jamie. The trio talks drag culture and how influential it is on our gendered...

Halloween Mini Report: A Game of Trick or Treats

Photo shows three jackolanterns
It's Halloween and reporter Cammeron Parrish tells us how the career center plans to celebrate! Music: This House by Kevin MacLeod

The Countdown: The Social Wave Riding Episode

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Have you ever really analyzed the way social media impacts the way we consume pop culture? This is what Dede and Henry do in...

Greenlight Lights Out Ep. 19.5

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Who would die first in a horror film? On this week’s Lights Out the gang comes up with different horror story scenarios and debates...

Greenlight Ep. 19: The Ballad of Carrie and Tom Cruise

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On this week’s episode Gonzalo and Chauncey are joined by Lynda. The three discuss the recent popular trend of mini-series and share their favorites....

Geek Clash Ep. 59: All the Tangents with None of the...

We're back and what a week it has been! The geeks discuss the multitude of trailers that came out this week such as Logan, Red Dead...

The Countdown: Major Talk With Monessa

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This episode of The Countdown, features special guest CSUN student Monessa Chahayed. We touch on Monessa’s experience growing up with two deaf parents as well...