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Greenlight Ep. 22: Luz Verde

Gonzalo and Chauncey are joined by Luis Nuñez as they analyze Latinos in the media. They get into the beginnings of television's introduction to...
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Whore-a-scope: The Chronicles of ‘The Virgin” (S.1 Ep.2)

This week Lynda shares her struggles of being a horny virgin and how her attempts to get de-flowered have ended in unreal situations. Alex...
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The Countdown: Hold Ya Head, Take My Hand

This episode of The Countdown is all about breaking down the stigmas that prevent us from expressing our true feelings and emotions. We’re all...
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Whore-a-scope : Plowed (S.1, Ep.1)

Each week Alex Perez will be joined by a special guest who learns what their sexual horoscope reveals about them and they will share...
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The Countdown: The Protest Episode

The CSUN Student Protests following the election of Donald Trump are the main topic of discussion on this episode of The Countdown. Dede and...

Geek Clash Ep. 61: Shout-outs to the World

This week Drew and Danny discuss all the crazy music news that happened including A Tribe called Quest's new album topping the charts, new...
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Greenlight Ep. 21: Obama for Your Mama

On this week's episode of Greenlight Gonzalo and Chauncey reflect on the election. They are joined by special guests Jahmela and Whore-a-Scope's Alex Perez....

Geek Clash Ep. 60: That Time We Went to Comic Con

This long awaited episode is filled with tales from the time Danny and Alex went to LA Comic Con, Felipe was the reasonable one...
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The Countdown: The Ballot Episode

2016 has been an unbelievable election year, but believe it or not, there actually are other things to talk about in the world of...
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Mini Report: Pre-Election Readiness

In another special report, Cammeron Parrish tells us if Los Angeles residents are ready to to vote in tomorrow's election!
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Mini Report: Climate Change

The election is days away and reporter Cammeron Parrish is telling us what the candidates think about climate change!
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The Countdown: The “Woke” Episode

If someone were to ask you if you were “woke,” what would your answer be? During this episode, Dede and Henry discuss the current...