The Big One: Is CSUN ready for it?

Photo shows csun parking structure which is almost completely demolished
The residents of California constantly hear about the "The Big One," which is the massive earthquake that is destined to occur on the San...

“Beyond DACA Rally” protest marches through campus

Students protest at csun, one girl holds up a sign that says, "defend daca because trump's caca"
Protestors started in front of the Oviatt then marched to the Dream Center and ending their protest in the Pride Center.

Students give back to campus neighborhood at the third annual Matador...

about 20 students pictured wearing matching white t-shirts and chatting
CSUN students help to clean up the neighborhood during this year's Matador Day of Service.

Los Angeles pro-DACA protest shatters expected turnouts

Little girl sits on her dad's shoulders at protest with a sign that says, "Trump don't be mean to kids"
Thousands of protesters marched four miles through the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday to protest President Trump’s announcement to end the Deferred Action...

Commuters using Metrolink look for improvement

Metrolink train departing
Some students and staff from local southern California cities commute to CSUN by Metrolink to avoid car traffic, while others have no choice.

Students tweet their reactions to DACA phase-out

Donald Trump speaks at the podium
CSUN students take to twitter to express their thoughts on President Trump's decision to phase-out DACA

Institute for Sustainability brings new and existing resources to light

CSUN anticipates the arrival of the Sustainability Center and annual Sustainability Day

Outpours of support come in wake of Trump’s decision to end...

Students hold up poster that says, "I am undocumented unafraid unapologetic"
President Trump announced Tuesday that he will gradually end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the executive order signed by Barack Obama in 2012...

Lactation spaces provide support for mothers on campus

Girl pictured opening the door to a room labeled, "lactation services"
CSUN has been promoting breastfeeding by providing lactation spaces for students and faculty

Professional photography ban in public concert sparks lawsuit and policy revision

A small group of men pictured walking in Pershing square
A student photojournalist was denied entry to cover a concert in Pershing Square, sparking an ACLU lawsuit

CSUN Department of Police Services introduces text to 911

CSUN Police Services launch text to 911 system, a major upgrade for deaf students and faculty

President Harrison welcomes students and staff at President’s Picnic

President Dianne Harrison’s annual picnic and dinner on Bayramian Lawn on Wednesday welcomed students and faculty members.In order for students to connect with faculty...