CSUN anti-Trump protesters debate Trump supporters

Students protest trump in front of the oviatt library
CSUN Young Democrats organize a protest against the Trump administration

Students celebrate upcoming Kuwait National and Liberation Days

The holiday marks Kuwait's freedom from Iraq 26 years ago.

Los Angeles municipal election results

Eric Garcetti speaks with students at a high school
On Tuesday, March 7, the City of Los Angeles voted for multiple positions in city government, including mayor, city attorney, school board positions, and...

Anarchist book fair explores fascism and the political hierarchy

Student looks at the AK press table which is covered with books
The third annual OC Anarchist Bookfair looked into 'isms' and phobias being created by the Trump administration

The Young Turks host gets into heated exchange with protestor during...

Ana Kasparian is shown in the middle of a discussion at The Young Turks panel
A group interrupts the filming of The Young Turks live broadcast

CSUN Republicans to bring more perspectives to campus

CSUN students crowd the walkways between classes
What began as a Facebook page is now possibly becoming a club on campus.

DSU podcast: philosophical origins of current events

Professor Dungey pictured in his office with his feet rested on his desk
Dungey State University podcast informs students on the political and philosophical ideas that have shaped the political climate.

Students campaign to keep geography map library together

Half of the geography department's library collection may be relocated to the Oviatt.

Students who need help buying food can apply for CalFresh on...

The CSUN Food Pantry is offering students applications for the CalFresh program.

CSUN students push for plastic water bottle ban

Two students pictured sitting at the tables outside the SRC and chatting
Ban the Bottle movement aims to ban one-time-use plastic water bottles

Student demonstrations aim to make a statement

Students used cans of compressed air to "clean the exterior walls of The Sundial"
Communications students used controversial issues as inspiration for the performances

Remembrance Walk honors the man behind EOP

Students walk in honor of Jose Luis Vargas
Attendees recall Jose Luis Vargas' impact and mentorship at Remembrance Walk.