A starter guide for students interested in Zipcar service on campus

Kenneth Premo, manager of support services at the Associated Students office on campus, said Zipcar has been a long time coming. “Our campus student housing...

CSUN student dies in custody

man in blue shirt happily poses for photo
Health administration major found dead in prison, investigation still ongoing

Hundreds of CSUN students walk out of classes and march in...

protesters posing some holding signs and flags
The third day of protests by students drew hundreds of participants.

Most dangerous California intersection is in Northridge, study says

busy street intersection
Los Angeles holds about half of the most dangerous intersections in California and two of the top three are located in Northridge according to...

CSUN Alumnus Remembered After Deadly Crash

man in grey suit seriously looks towards something on his right
News of the accident broke late Sunday afternoon, family and friends began posting and sharing on social media.

University sued by former employee for discrimination

CSUN campus letter statue surrounded by grass and trees
Lawsuit filed by former university employee alleges harassment and discrimination

Two CSUN students and two others die in Balboa car crash...

photo of two girls smiling surrounded by written messages
Four passengers died Friday night after a speeding car crashed into a tree and became engulfed in flames, according to authorities. One of the passengers...

Photographer Richard Fish’s widow donates work for Oviatt Library exhibition

The Oviatt Library is extending its exhibit of the work of Richard Fish, a prolific, California-based photographer. Fish (1919-2005) is known for photographs that covered...

Former porn star and CSUN student Jennie Ketcham shares her story

Correction>> The last quote was originally incorrect and has since been reworded. Jennie Ketcham, former porn star and current CSUN psychology major, dispelled myths about...

Turkey visa ban leaves students worried about their futures

red and white flag while people walk past it
CSUN students left worried about their futures amidst visa ban

The Young Turks host gets into heated exchange with protestor during...

Ana Kasparian is shown in the middle of a discussion at The Young Turks panel
A group interrupts the filming of The Young Turks live broadcast

What are they filming in front of the Oviatt Library?

space ship on the oviatt lawn with many people surrounding it
The Oviatt lawn is covered with props and equipment. What are they filming?