Hundreds of CSUN students walk out of classes and march in...

protesters posing some holding signs and flags
The third day of protests by students drew hundreds of participants.

How students organized ‘week of action’ to protest Executive Order 1100

students in line for food in grass area
“Wildfire” is what students nicknamed their sprawling efforts Monday to spread awareness about a week of protests and political actions designed to combat Executive...

CSUN student involved in Northridge four-person crash to have funeral service...

various candles lit on the floor next to various flowers
Almost two weeks after the Northridge four-person crash and hours before the final funeral services, visitors are stopping by the crash-site late into the night.

Crime Blotter 10/17-23

crime blotter logo
Oct. 20, 2017A suspect at University Park Apartments 9 stole a bicycle that was secure with a cable lock between 8:20 a.m. to 11...

Students boycott Executive Order 1100 by not purchasing anything on campus

students stand in line waiting for food
CSUN students boycotted the university on Tuesday by urging the campus community not to purchase anything on campus, and instead provided drinks and food...

CSUN holds fifth annual Special Needs Resource Fair

child in black shirt smiling while building
Families embraced and connected at CSUN's USU

Missing CSUN student’s phone located near Mt. Wilson fire

Photo of a sunset on top of a mountain
The Los Angeles coroner’s office has confirmed that they have found a charred body near the location of the Mount Wilson fire. Authorities could...

From social media to international news coverage: where is Somalia? How...

map saying truck bombing death toll climbs to over 300
Social media users and international news sources reacted fast while U.S. based news outlets took their time to show solidarity.

Crime Blotter 10/11-10/16

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Monday, Oct. 09 Unknown suspects entered the victim's apartment in University Park Apartments building 2 through an unlocked sliding door on Sunday night and...

California is now a ‘sanctuary state’

man in black and white suit speaking at a podium
An approved bill will vastly limit state and local authorities from aiding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Tensions with North Korea cause some to fear of a future...

president donald trump in black and white suit speaking at a podium
Amidst the tensions, there is a possibility of conscription

Society of Professional Journalists welcomes former CSUN alumnus Gary Klein

photo of man in black suit and white shirt in front of white board
Klein graduated in 1983 and now covers the LA Rams for The Los Angeles Times.