Terrence Clemens inspires others to overcome obstacles

The Pride Center and Africana Studies collaborated to provide a unique black perspective.

Students celebrate upcoming Kuwait National and Liberation Days

The holiday marks Kuwait's freedom from Iraq 26 years ago.

CSUNopoly aims to provide campus with financial resources

CSUNopoly board pictured
CSUNopoly helps students understand money management

Student demonstrations aim to make a statement

Students used cans of compressed air to "clean the exterior walls of The Sundial"
Communications students used controversial issues as inspiration for the performances

Late library hours contribute to bad sleep schedules

Photo shows a student napping in the library
Developing good sleeping habits could lead to being a more effective student

Students learn about body image and eating disorders from JADE

pamphlets saym "love your body"
NEDAwareness National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

New Assembly Bill will try to stall tuition increase

Woman wears a graduation cap that says, "special price 2002: 1,248 dollars 2012: 5,970 dollars"
Sharon Quirk-Silva has introduced the bill to stall tuition increases until the 2019-2020 school year.

‘Diary of a Reluctant Dreamer’ author discusses issues of being undocumented

Man gives a presentation with an image that shows a boy crying with text that reads, "don't deport my mother"
Alberto Ledesma discusses what it means to be an undocumented Latino and his new graphic memoir

Upcoming events for science and tech-savvy students

Many students participate and engage in the many booths and activities at tech fest
Students have the opportunity to participate in science and technology events on campus

BUILD PODER program fosters growth in biomedical research

women discuss project on "mindfulness for mothers and caregivers of children with autism"
BUILD PODER offers resources and financial assistance to students

Researchers say they recreated metallic hydrogen

Illustrations explains what metallic hydrogen is
Paper outlines a new process for creating the phase in the lab

Understanding trauma and eating disorders

woman gives a presentation on the topic of eating disorders and trauma
CSUN students learned about trauma and eating disorders through the "Coping with Trauma: Hope Through Understanding" workshop sponsored by Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating...