We deserve better than ‘douche and turd’

One of my favorite episodes of “South Park” revolves around the story of a school election, wherein the children are asked to vote for...

Letter to the editor

Dear Miss Jacqueline Espinosa, Though your article is both eloquent and precise, it only shows one side of the story. Unfortunately you did not take...

What is the appropriate punishment for cyberbullying?

Nearly eight months ago, Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi posted a message on Facebook announcing his intention to commit suicide. “Jumping off the...

Lessons to be learned from MacArthur Park

young girl (no older than 4) holds up a sign that says, "only bullies crush dreams"
In wake of recent protests, how can progressives move forward against opposition?

Twelve years in the making — a graduation story

When I first started school at CSUN, I was 17 years old, hellbent on being a rock star and could barely grow a mustache....

Picasso exhibit answers aesthetic problem in art

Several people stand in front of picasso's "red armchair" painting which appears to be an abstract image of a woman sitting in a chair
"States of Mind" at the Norton Simon museum refutes the critique against Picasso that "a child can do it."

The Inequality of Privilege

black and white photo depicting things not being equal between the working class and man
Editorial: An examination of how recently exposed opportunity gaps reflect on social inequalities.

Students can’t be informed about campus events without signs

Campus events should be made readily available to the student body at a commuter school

Stop paying for Mayweather Jr.’s fight

Undefeated boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next opponent starts with an M, but it isn’t Manny Pacquiao, which is why you should not purchase Mayweather...

For some, American education tops Chinese education

The learning environment, flexibility and an all-round education system are three factors that attract more Chinese students to pursue higher education in the United States. The...

Black History Month is not for sale to corporations

The picture of an unidentified black scientist appears on the screen of a smart phone held by a young black woman wearing a labcoat....

Know your ballot: Vote no on Proposition 23

During my internship at a television network, we were told that in an effort to be more environmentally responsible, the company was no longer going...
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