Over 300 CSUN students participate in AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Clarification 10/18: The original article lacked context of Shanique Cruther's comment as to why toothpaste was the required donation for the bus ride.  AIDS/HIV...

Women March Against Violence

On March 19, 2015, the Women's Research and Resource Center hosted an event to spread awareness and march to stop violence against women. Led...

CSUN students request change from President Harrison

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#selfie#nofilter#instafollow, the word selfie has been integrated into the Oxford Online...

There is always that one friend who acts as if their cell phone is a world-renowned photographer, and their social media page is their...

CSUN’s Acasola hosts “Lost Sols” Halloween party

CSUN’s first coed a cappella group, Acasola, had its fifth annual Halloween concert Saturday. The Lost Sols concert took place at The Acasola House and...

CSUN On-Point 05/04/10, Part 1 of 3, Host: Jocelyn Bonilla

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Chaparral Hall Dedication

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Student reactions to library gunman scare

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Wellness event informs students on maintaining health and their well-being

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_uUM6IfAN4 The Student Recreation Center (SRC), Klotz Student Health Center and University Counseling services are inviting students to this fall’s “Welcome to Wellness.” Students are encouraged...

Valley View News 02/22/10, Part 3

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