Still of CSUN poli sci professor during interviewvideo

Political Science professor explains travel ban court process

CSUN professor explains the travel ban
Man pictured being interviewed about Betsy DeVosvideo

Controversy sparked over Betsy DeVos cabinet confirmation

Vice President Mike Pence makes a tie-breaking vote for the first time.
Protesters wave their picket signs at Pershing Square

Medicare For All protesters aim to educate the public

Republicans are still threatening to repeal Obamacare, but Medicare For All protesters are pushing to replace it with a single-payer system. A single-payer system aims to replace for-profit health insurance with universal healthcare. Kenneth Mejia, green...
Photo shows man being interviewedvideo

Black Diaspora kicks-off Black History Month on campus

"Black Synergy" is this year's Black History Month theme.
Still shows Jay Johnson being interviewed at the LA art galleryvideo

LA art gallery exhibits work inspired by Rick and Morty

Artwork inspired by Rick and Morty featured at art exhibit
man trims tree branchvideo

San Fernando Valley tackles human trafficking

Recommended safety improvements include tree trimming

In Photos: Keystone XL and DAPL protest in LA

Protesters march in opposition to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline
Student being interviewed about flag burningvideo

Students react to Trump’s tweet about flag burning

The president-elect continues nonfactual tweeting.
Berta Alicia Garcia (mother to a missing daughter) speaks on Valley View Newsvideo

Protest group visits CSUN and other college campuses

CSUN students help protest group who are bringing awareness to corruption in Mexico.
Car crash victim being interviewedvideo

Northridge tops list for dangerous intersections

The intersection of Reseda and Devonshire is number one on the list of most dangerous intersections in California
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