Student shown being interviewed near the Oviatt Libraryvideo

New Study Reveals Consistency In Latino Voting

A new study from Pew Research shows that Latino views on politics has not changed much since 2012.

CSUN Making the Move Toward Cultural Housing

CSUN could possibly be considering creating an ethnic themed living community in the dorms.
Student being interviewed on shootingvideo

Video Footage of Fatal Shooting Released

Video footage released Tuesday morning depicts the shooting of a 18 year old boy in Los Angeles on Saturday.
Actors pictured discussing scenes

Television Spin-Off Filmed at CSUN

The spin-off television show to "A Different World" is being filmed at CSUN.
People shown protesting prison abusevideo

Activists Protest Abuse in the Prison System

Protestors gather in Los Angeles to support prisoners around the country in fighting for better treatment.
6 cups of coffee

CSUN students enjoy National Coffee Day

Matador News report Alex Razo talks to CSUN students about their favorite pick-me-up.

After school program helps kids stay out of trouble

The Los Angeles Police Department starts a program for children to keep them focused on school and off the streets.
4 people sit down in front of a picture of the oviatt libraryvideo

Online Privacy: Terms and Conditions May Apply

On Point reports on tech privacy, with CSUN Marketing Professor Kristen Walker, CSUN Communication Studies Professor Gina Giotta, Pierce College Computer Science Professor Luis Celada and Guardian reporter Nellie Bowles. Moderator: Sofia Levin Anchor: Mariah...
Woman speaks about affordable rentvideo

California Dreaming: Affordable Rent

On Point reports on the housing crisis in Los Angeles with CSUN Economics Professor Shirley Svorny, CSUN Political Science Professor Tom Hogen-Esch, and Union De Vecinos co-director Elizabeth Blaney. Moderator: Haley Kramer Anchor:...
Paul Ryan on Matador Newsvideo

CSUN Matador News – May 12, 2016 – YouTube

House Speaker Paul Ryan meets with Donald Trump in an attempt to unite the Republican Party, a police e-mail ordering the Brussels metro to close down minutes before the March terrorist attack went unread...
CSUN Matador News - May 11, 2016video

CSUN Matador News – May 11, 2016 – YouTube

Italy has passed a bill giving legal recognition to same sex couples, and President Obama will be the first president to visit Hiroshima, Japan -- the site of the atomic bomb drop during World...