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Student surveys have concluded a high demand to extend the farmer's market presence on CSUN.

To a full audience in the Plaza del Sol Theater, CSUN unveiled the university’s new logo, graphic system and an entirely new platform they...

Plants, animals and sustainability awareness were important topics on the CSUN campus during the Earth Fair near Bayramian Hall Thursday afternoon. In honor of Earth...

The Associated Student candidates and current AS members gathered at Bayramian lawn for debates to represent themselves one last time to the students before...

AS senators give funding for programs that help benefit education

This weeks Statlab lab reveals the numbers behind Associated Students demographics, annual budget and voter turnout.

Clubs and organizations are grateful to AS for their financial allocations

James Franco's 'Big Lecture' attracts tons of CSUN students.

Election season is here again. Here is how you can run and what you can expect during the elections in the coming months.

AS's generosity has caused a lower funding pool.

Low budget causes financial frustration for student clubs

New funding policy for AS elections