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A crowd of students dance in a circle

Mardi Gras theme sets the mood for the Spring 2016 Matador Nights.   Matador Nights hosted by the USU, created a great atmosphere in which the students...
Students cheer and applaude

The unofficial results of the 2016 Spring elections show Sevag Alexanian and Kenya Lopez as the new Associated Students President and Vice President.
Student looks over Ipad on table

Students voted today in the different Associated Student Election booths set up around campus. In the second day of elections, members promote different outlets...

A.S. plans for the upcoming Associated Student Election, CSU negotiation talks and possible public transportation improvements.

The California senator visited CSUN today to announce the bill.

Former Associated Student presidents met with current President Jorge Reyes and his cabinet during their Second Annual President's Day event

Associated Students get ready for the upcoming 2016 elections

Associated students will host the first farmers market of the spring semester returning to CSUN on Feb. 2

CSU leaders propose new sources for funding that had previously been issued from the state

A presentation from CSUN Facilities Department informs senators about hotel building process.

In an effort to raise recycling awareness, Associated Students hosted Matadors in Recycleland