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Cesar Chavez service fair inspires non-profit work

Community involvement was on display at the Cesar Chavez Service Fair on Wednesday. This was the third annual installment of the fair, hosted by...

Cesar Chavez not a hero for immigrants’ success

Michelangelo Landgrave Contributor With Cesar Chavez’s birthday fast approaching, you are sure to read more about how great he was. One can admire his nonviolent approach...

Remembering the Delano Manongs: The Filipinos behind Chavez and Huerta

Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta are two very well-known historical figures and Mexican-American civil rights activists to Californians and Americans across the nation. The...

CSUN commemorates César Chávez with service fair

CSUN commemorated César Chávez Day with a keynote speech given by his granddaughter in the first annual César Chávez Service Fair. The event, which was...
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