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The California Faculty Association voted to accept the salary agreement that will increase faculty salaries by at least 10.5 percent.

After the CFA members vote the CSU Board of Trustees will have the final vote, before the salary agreement becomes finalized.

Statewide University Police Association said parking tickets are a moneymaker for the school and quotas are harmful.
Police motorcycle parked in front of officers

Three CSUN police officers are suing the campus police department over an alleged parking ticket quota.
Picket sign of five percent logo

The CFA's succesful negotiation for a 5 percent raise is a good example of unions fighting for their rights as workers.
A group of protesters stand with pickets

The CFA and CSU administrators came to a tentative agreement regarding faculty salaries for the upcoming three years, and canceling the CFA's proposed strike.
Group of men and women carry signs in protest

The CFA and CSU came to a tentative agreement during their 48-hour media blackout, which in turn called off the strike.

The California State University and California Faculty Association came to a tentative agreement on salary, which has postponed schedule strikes on all 23 CSU campuses...
Group rallies and carried picket signs

In a final effort to settle, the CFA and CSU have agreed to a final negotiation in regards to salary negotiation

A.S. holds a neutral position about the CFA and CSU negotiation and strike.
Pamela Thomason smiles for camera

The CSU systemwide Title IX officer is responsible for addressing issues of sexual assault on the campuses.
Supporters rally

Fact-finder report suggests how to achieve CFA request in salary negotiations with the CSU