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The California Faculty Association voted to accept the salary agreement that will increase faculty salaries by at least 10.5 percent.

CSUN's planetarium has been offering shows to educate and entertain individuals about the wonders of space.

A lawsuit was placed by The State University Police Association on behalf of three CSUN officers, alleging they were disciplined for not meeting parking...

Statewide University Police Association said parking tickets are a moneymaker for the school and quotas are harmful.
Students get caricatures drawn of themselves

CSUN's USU disguises as a New Orleans party in celebration of Matador Nights.
Two CSUN baseball players meet up after ending

CSUN looked poised for a successful season but has been battling to gain the momentum they’ll need to make an impact.
Cartoon of man choosing between two water bottles

Marijuana as a performance-enhancing drug seems to be a tough sell
CSUN student athlete throws baseball from pitcher's base

The Matadors push their Big West losing streak to five, with a loss and shut out from the Dirtbags.
Man stands along another man who is holding a pole invention

CSUN student semi-finalists competing in the Bull Ring present their ideas before moving on to the next round.

Two males attempted to abduct a woman near campus

Possession of marijuana, graffiti and driving under the influence of alcohol are a few of the reported crimes.
CSUN softball players huddle together

The Matadors break even against the University of Illinois in their two-game series.