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Faculty and alumni showed no mercy against students in a landslide of a game.
Students dance along Brazilian dancers in costume

CSUN'S 19th annual CARNAVAL keeps up the tradition of celebrating the campus' cultural diversity.

Possession of marijuana, graffiti and driving under the influence of alcohol are a few of the reported crimes.
Crowd of men and women carry candles and picket signs

CSUN students and faculty participated in a march to shine light on abuse.
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Student recite Pi day digits.

Students had the opportunity to learn interview skills and have a one-on-one 10-minute interview session with employers from different industries.

Associated Students invited local high schools to a conference to encourage students to pursue higher education and get involved on campus.

Students learned the concept and importance of using inclusive language from Diversity Educator Jessica Pettitt

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson announces his presidential candidacy; Matador News reporter Michell Gomez talks to CSUN Student Resource Center director Jimmy Francis about new health...

This isn’t your average therapy clinic, it’s a teaching program primarily led by assisted grad students. The private practice styled program, gives trainees hands...

Finding a cure for aging is something that has not yet been accomplished in the world we live in. However, in the Postmortal world,...

For many students, attending college can be a huge struggle, and I don’t mean the average challenges that come with writing papers, taking exams,...