Letters to the Editor


In response to “Protesters rally against Iraq war,” originally published March 26.

I am responding to this paper’s continued bias reporting and lack of concern about the change of terrorists’ tactics in Iraq.

One such disturbing tactic I am talking about is the use of upgrading chlorine to a chemical/biological weapon. Not to be used against the U.S. and coalition troops, but against the average Iraqis to which sicken over 300 Iraqi civilians in the attack.

I am quite concern this is a prototype of a chemical/biological terrorist attack that may look at what the next 9/11-style attack may unfortunately look like. The paper has constantly made no concern about it, and instead have promoted propaganda such as a series of articles referring to the far left “Subvertisements” instead of drawing any major concerns of the disturbing change of tactics the insurgency has been using that are being used against the Iraqi people.

I am also responding to the pestering of the military recruiter in “Protesters rally against Iraq war.” While people can protest peacefully, the pestering of the military recruiter borders on the lines of harassment, not freedom of speech. He has just as much as a right to be there as the protesters do.

It just simply exposes what sort of cluelessness people have and won’t make terrorism go away if the war ends. Going back to the mentioning of chlorine being upgraded to a chemical/biological weapon, I fear this is a prelude to what the next 9/11-style attack could be like. I remember hearing the song on 9/11 “Have You Forgotten”. Well, it seems like we unfortunately have.

Maxwell Hoffman History Major

Dear Editor of the Daily Sundial,

I am writing in response to an article published in March 26 edition of the Daily Sundial entitled “Protesters rally against Iraq War.”

A member of the Coalition Against Militarism and a Chicano/a Studies assistant Professor, Ms. Rosa Furumoto proclaimed that one in twenty-five Iraqi’s have been killed in the War in Iraq since March of 2003. Where is her evidence?

The Daily Sundial, in an article entitled “War in Iraq continues amid truth and consequences” on March 19th of this year stated that an organization called Iraq Body Count had estimated a minimum of 58, 908 who have been reportedly killed and a maximum of 64,729 Iraqi’s.

This last deduction of numbers is more believable then the statements of Ms. Furumoto who has been making assumptions about the military and the war for as long as I have been a student here on campus. She has never shown any academic nor professional research to any of her statements on campus, from the assumption that the Military recruits minorities in higher numbers then whites to be “cannon fodder,” to body count estimates in the War in Iraq.

Making these assumptions without a shred of evidence puts her words into the context of a professor of Chicano Studies telling the world that the moon is made of Swiss cheese.

Ms. Furumoto has an agenda that she plays out in her classroom to a captive audience of Chicano/a Studies majors which fuel their hatred for the military, this country, and other people who do not share their political or socioeconomic outlook for America.

If part of what Ms. Furumoto professes in her classroom is to shout down people who are not the same as her, then she is doing a wonderful service to this campus and its association with the rest of the student body.

I would also like to see where Mr. David Klein, a math professor who was also there, who stated in part that an increased student fee was the result of the U.S. Government spending money killing people. I know math professors use logic, critical thinking and do not leave room for assumptions, but in this case I think he failed his lesson on how the war is funded and needs to explain his hypothesis.

And finally, Mr. Paul Wicker, also a member of CAM who was present on Wednesday, had a son in the Military in the early 1990’s and has made himself a “counter recruiter”.

He stated that his son was discharged from the military because they [the Military] no longer needed him. Does that mean he couldn’t make weight standards, or not follow orders? Maybe he was caught using elicit drugs or was a conscientious objector? What was it? He never stated WHY he was discharged without benefits.

If Mr. Wicker had “educated” himself on the military, then he would explicitly understand that if a soldier is discharged from the Military for any number of reason, including the reasons above before his or her contract has been fulfilled, than the Military does not have an obligation to render such former soldiers any benefits whatsoever.

Since Mr. Wicker never stated why his son was discharged from the Military I am going to assume they were not for good reasons, which then would allow the military to not give any such benefits. Would you think anything differently if you were fired from a civilian job that you only worked at for a year?

These individuals and groups such as M.E.Ch.A. have twisted pure logic and the pursuit of knowledge in order to get a political agenda across to the student body of Cal State Northridge.

With the groups listed at the beginning of the article; the Green Party, Coalition Against Militarism, the Black Student Union, M.E.Ch.A. and the Muslim Student Association it is hopeful to the average student that they could only muster around 50 people out of a campus of nearly 33,000.

This shows and proves that they may not have the consciousness of the campus, that their radical ideas and ideals are not a fine example of what CSUN has too offer, and that there is still hope here on campus for a diverse and objective place to acquire an education without the fear of reprisal of the mean spirited.

Thank you,

Jason Henke Junior, Political Science Major Army ROTC Cadet