A statement from the 111 You Decide slate


Good Evening Fellow Matadors,

My name is Adam Salgado, and today I will speak to you about what 111 You Decide Again has to offer to you as your potential student leadership.

First off, I would like to let you all know what 111 You Decide Again stands for. 1 Vision 1 Goal 1 United Campus You Decide Again.

The reason that it is Again is because I am your current Associated Students President and I am running for re-election. My running mate is Darren Hause, who is currently the Vice President for Deaf CSUNians, a member of Lambda Sigma Pi, works for the NCOD and serves as the Director of Deaf ‘ Hard of Hearing students for A.S.

We are running for President and Vice President because we have the desire to implement change and great passion to represent all Matadors attending CSUN. Darren and I both have the experience that is needed to serve the all matadors of CSUN. Being that I am your current A.S. President, I know what it takes to get the job done. Throughout this year my office hours have ranged from 40-50 hours a week and my door has always remained open for students to come in and address any concerns they might have.

Also, I and the current A.S. Vice President have done a lot this past year. All of the goals that we set out to do will be accomplished by the end of this semester. Some of which include, CSUN banners which will be posted next month all around Sierra quad and the Oviatt Library, working with the administration to create a program for CSUN students, much like “Ask Jeeves”, where students who have questions about advisement can seek the answers that they need. This Advisement “Ask Jeeves” system will be up during the summer and the full version will be available during the Fall 2007 semester. Lastly, another one of our goals that we have met is a transition workshop for Clubs ‘ Organizations which will be taking place the first week of May.

CSUN needs leaders who won’t let their constituents down and who will keep promises that are made. CSUN needs leaders who will reach out to them, educate them and advocate daily for their needs. Darren Hause and I are the type of leaders who resemble these qualities. You will find that we are very committed and united to working towards a better CSUN. We are students who will listen to your needs and not let you down.

If elected into office a second term, 111 You Decide Again has 4 main goals that we would like to see accomplished:

1.) The first is to continue with improving student advisement by pushing for advisement via instant messaging.

2.) The Second is to Help Clubs ‘ Organizations by

(a) Lowering the cost of the PAC usage

(b) Providing more financial support via fee waivers

(c) Reducing or eliminating intramural fees

(d) and establishing a greater connection with Clubs ‘ Organizations

3.) The Third would be Increase Matador Spirit by

(a) Pushing for a Matador Statue

(b) and more entertainment during Red Rallies

4.) And the Fourth would be to hold senators more accountable by establishing monthly report cards.

I have served in A.S. for over two years and I know what it takes to be an effective President. My current involvements include the following, A.S. student body President of CSUN, California State Student Association (CSSA), Lambda Chi Alpha ,Academic Grievance ‘ Grades Appeals Board, USU Board of Directors, Student Fee Advisory Board, Instructionally Related Activities Board, Intercollegiate Athletics Board, University Corporation Board Member, Denouncing Violence Against Women ‘ Children and the CSUN Foundation Board.

My Previous involvements include, Attorney General, Upper Division I Senator, Policies Committee, Judicial Court, Mission Matadors and the USU Board of Directors.

All the candidates in 111 You Decide Again, have served in A.S., whether it be a, University Affairs Committee member, Senator, Cabinet member or director, we have the experience to lead.

I would like to thank all of you for your time and please remember to vote for 1 vision 1 Goal 1 United campus, You Decide Again .