CSUN On Point 03/15/16 (HD) Perez and Elliott


CSUN’s University Student Union opened the Oasis Wellness Center in 2015 as a place for all CSUN students to rest and relax. Part of the Center are CSUN’s only gender-inclusive restrooms, welcome to all, and designed to ease the hostility or discrimination Trans and Gender non-conforming people can experience when they use gender specific restrooms. On Point reports with Nia Clark, coordinator at Lifeworks, at the Los Angeles LGBT Center; Alex Soto, president of Gamma Rho Lambda; and Freddie Sanchez, assistant director of the Resource Center at the CSUN University Student Union.
Moderator: Jamie Perez
Anchor: Juaneeq Elliott
Producer: Jamie Perez
Social Media Editors: Ala Errebhi and Caitlin Pieh
Reporters: Noemi Barajas, Halie Cook, Juaneeq Elliot, Jamie Perez and Nicholas Seaman