Letters to the Editor


The Muslim Student Association joins our nation in honoring those who lost their lives in the tragic events of Sept. 11, their grieving families and friends, and the brave men and women whose sacrifice we shall never forget. As American Muslims, we reiterate our condemnation of terrorism in all forms. ?As ambassadors of Islam on campus, our MSA continue to inform fellow students about the true message of Islam and work to uphold the human and constitutional values of social justice, community service and empowerment through education, tolerance and peace.

In Peace, MSA CSUN 07-08 Board

I read the opinion section of Monday’s Sundial and was very frustrated by the single comment printed. I found this not only insulting, but archaic in accordance with old beliefs such as those toward epileptics or spontaneous generation. I strongly doubt if someone responded to an article on the astronomy department with a pro-Flat Earth Society comment that it would see publication, at least not as the only opinion of all published articles. ?Frankly, I found what I read was more ignorant than constructive. ? While I feel that all forms of sex and gender identity and behavior should be studied, this emphasis on appending more destructive, non-consensual practices to queer xtudies implies anyone who does’nt fit commonly accepted sexgender norms is dangerous, unhealthy and otherwise degenerate. I also have noticed that, while the LGBTA is not as visible as it should be, the Sundial continues to publish its meeting time every week. As small as it may be, this is something I truly appreciate.


Scott Cher CSUN Senior LGBTA

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