Letter to the Editor


James Wolf’s letter to the editor, published on Sept. 18, has illustrated in one fell swoop the reason why the world currently (and possibly rightfully, if most Americans share Wolf’s viewpoints) hates us, and why the Bush administration’s current obsession of being the best and the only superpower in the world could very well be this country’s demise in future foreign policy.

Wolf has been swept into the mentality that all human beings who look remotely like they could be your stereotypical terrorist should be eliminated from this world, treated unfairly without justifiable cause, and in general blamed for an attack on American soil that occurred six years ago that took 3,000 lives. Never mind the fact that likely very few Muslims or Islamists are terrorists – to James Wolf, everyone who is perceived as a threat by the power-hungry president we currently have should be eliminated for violence most have never committed.

It’s hard to blame Wolf, as it’s clear that he’s been swept into the mentality of the U.S. as a bullying, international police force of its own creation – but it’s become increasingly clear that if this ever becomes the majority opinion in our increasingly single-minded nation, damage to our reputation for decades will be both inevitable and understandable.

Lauren Robeson, CSUN alumna

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