Activists Protest Abuse in the Prison System


Valley View News

Demonstrators gathered in Los Angeles on Friday, September 9th to protest the unfair treatment of prisoners. September 9th was also the 45th anniversary of the Attica Prison Riot which is characterized as the most well know prison riot in history.

Protesters demonstrated nationwide on this day to demand better living conditions, fair labor laws and political rights for prisoners. Strike Against Police Terror is one of the groups in charge of organizing the Los Angeles Protest.

Julia Wallce, a member of StrAPT said, “We wanted to join with the thousands of prisoners that are on strike today throughout the country.”

The point of the demonstration was to give support and bring awareness to the abuses in the prison system, but it was also to unite the community for a common goal. The protest included free food, music and a reading circle and discussion.

Reyna Sotelo, a student at California State University, Los Angeles, said the police department has committed injustices to the minority community. She also says prisoners in the system only receive 23 cents for work and they are treated like slaves.

Students from other universities also got involved, including students from California State University, Northridge. The students took many avenues to get their point across, including passing out flyers at club events and posting videos on social media.

Dr. Aimee Glocke, a professor of Africana Studies, says that students need to be educated on the issues and be aware of what’s happening in the prison system and there are plenty of ways for them to get involved in the movement.

Glocke said, “Educating first, of course, being aware of what’s happening and then getting out and actually doing something.”

StrAPT is an activist group based in Los Angeles that is calling on everyone to stand in solidarity with the prisoners. As the prison population continues to rise the organization says they are still receiving unfair treatment and that it must be stopped.