Letter to the editor


As an undergraduate student here at CSUN, I am awfully saddened by the decision made last Thursday by the AS committee with regards to providing support for their own constituents. What makes me sad is that AS has indisputably violated the AS Constitution. The AS Constitution clearly States,

“?to provide for the educational, recreational, social and general welfare and advancement of its student members of the California State University, Northridge. ?the corporation hereby declares that equal opportunities shall be afforded all students without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, pregnancy, marital affiliation, sexual or affect ional orientation, age, ethnic origin, citizenship, nationality, veteran status, or physical disability.”

The A.S. is supposed to provide social and general welfare and advancement of its student members without regards of ethnic, origin, citizenship, nationality, etc. Well, last Thursday, they denied the advancement of its student members by denying the urgently needed support for pending California Legislation SB 1, which would provide financial aid for AB 540 students who qualify.

In reality, all we were asking was a letter stating their support, saying they represent us and are willing to provide for our advancement. I guess that is how A.S. politics work, contradicting themselves and not representing their constituents. I would like to sincerely thank those A.S. members whom strongly supported us. Thank you for your frank support.

Sincerely, Carlos Flores

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