Democrats have to mess with Texas to win



They say you shouldn’t mess with Texas. But If you are a democratic candidate looking to gain more delegates, then maybe you should. On March 4, the hefty sum of 228 delegates will be fought for between the current front-runner presidential democratic candidate, Barack Obama, and his rival candidate, Sen. Hillary Clinton, whom has been making speeches in the state to sway her supporters.

Obama had an over 60 percent lead in his three wins on Tuesday, which included D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Obama has won every primary since Feb. 5, now having a 26 delegate lead over Clinton. So what does this mean?

Clinton was ahead after Feb. 5, with her campaign flowing very strongly. What went wrong? Americans did not side with the leader, but instead shifted to the other candidate, Obama. It showed that Americans wanted a different candidate.

Clinton plans to beat Obama in Texas based on her history and “solutions” to the problems America currently has. Do proposed solutions mean anything when there is not a guarantee of their presence once in the White House?

Texas is a diverse state with a high population. It is perhaps up to them to decide if they want to keep the current front-runner as their nominee, or choose another Clinton.