Letter to the editor


Dear Editor,

I am completely outraged that CSUN chooses not to observe the national holiday of President’s Day. ?They find ways to observe “holidays,” such as Cesear Chavez’s birthday, but they do not honor Lincoln or Washington’s Birthdays. ?I find it very disrespectful and anti-American. ?The president of CSUN approved the Calendar and did not want to observe President’s Day.

Jolene Koester, the president of CSUN, has refused to discuss these matters with me. ?As a student, I think if I have a concern on an issue that the president of my school should be willing to discuss it with me.

?I really hope others who find it disrespectful that our school does not observe or appreciate our Presidents on President’s Day, do something about it by contacting Jolene Koester and letting her know that you’re upset. ?Thank you.