A Ferocious Flu Season


Valley View News

The flu season is underway. As of Feb. 10th, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported 84 flu-related deaths in the 2017-2018 season. Doctors say this strain of flu is the strongest in this decade and recommend people to take the proper precautions. They say the virus strain H-3-N-2 is different than any strain before it.

“This virus has a characteristic that is always changing so they have to keep adjusting the vaccine,” said Northridge Hospital Doctor, Eric Gama.

The CDC is urging people to get vaccinated. Although last year’s flu shot was only 39 percent effective, doctors still recommend everyone to get this year’s flu vaccine, especially those at higher risk of catching viruses.

“They usually make more emphasis on those severe strengths of the virus,” said Gama.

The peak of the virus is expected to be in February. Other safety precautions include keeping frequently touched surfaces cleaned and wearing a face mask in public.

Cal State Northridge provides students with various resources through the KLOTZ Student Health Center and the Oasis Wellness Center.

“We do have a workshop coming up on Feb. 21,” said Oasis Wellness Director, Angela Faissal. “It’s to educate students on why they should get the flu vaccines and not just the pros and cons of it, but how to prevent it.”

With this being considered the worst flu in a decade, doctors are reminding people if they are sick to wear a mask and to keep your hands clean at all times.