Coffee Health Effects Debated


Valley View News

Coffee lovers packed the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual CoffeeCon event. There were over 50 vendors and they all freely handed out samples of their signature drinks. But, California coffee shops may soon have to warn customers about a possible risk of cancer.

“Acrylamide which is in coffee, what people are concerned about, has never been known to have quantities high enough to cause cancer,” said John Goerke, Bona Fide Brewery.

Several coffee chains like 7-11 have already agreed to place a warning sign on their drinks. But, that hasn’t stopped coffee addicts from their morning cup of joe. According to the Huffington Post, the average American consumes about 2.1 cups of coffee a day.

“I mean it’s good that they are warning people, you see that everywhere. You can get cancer from basically anything nowadays,” said CoffeeCon attendee, Deena. Deena declined to share her last name.

Under Prop 65, businesses have to warn customers about dangerous toxins that may affect their health. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still gathering research on acrylamide. Some organizations feel the information does more damage than good.

“It’s causing a lot of fear within the community and kind of derailing a lot of the positive attraction we’ve had in recent studies they showed coffee can actually prevent cancer,” said Kim Ta, Specialty Coffee Association.

Studies show that Californians would most likely take a chance on a beverage that may cause health problems. A judge is expected to rule in California on whether coffee will have to be labeled as a cancer warning.