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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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He said/she said: Overzealous ladies


The saying “few and far between” is often over looked these days, especially when it comes to relationships and the opposite sex.

The entire evolution of social gathering and communication between people has been redefined and recalibrated to befit the high school heroines and the diet-coke heads that give testament and evidence of how strong the weak can really be.

The anti-adventure pseudo-adrenaline rush of going out on a Friday or Saturday night to try and find a suitable mate has become drab, empty and has unfortunately fallen victim to death by ceremony.

When most people go out on the town looking for drinks, gregariously unreserved behavior amongst total strangers and the ideal possibility of getting “laid” there used to be a subconscious question of obstacle.

However, the times they are-a-changin’ and this is no longer a problem. Now there is a new-fangled socialized pop-culture driven composite of females, a new breed of sheep that wear the spit and liqueur stained fur of wolves.

The socialite elites and tom-boys that think they can drink are now willing and able to have two beers, one Long Island Ice Tea and maybe a single shot of Goldschlager and suddenly their inhabitations fall down faster than the double hairdo outfits that were worn to impress.

Half of the time there is admittance or even a need to be taken by the inebriated party that takes all the fun out of the hunt. The formidably appealing after scent of Marlboro 27’s, along with the torn-stocking and faded-make-up, beauty used to be a lustful and wanton perversion of the natural order of meeting that someone, now it is just methodical.

All that is required now is to find that one gazelle that is begging to be broken in and abused. The one dancing on bar-tops and slipping on alcohol they spilled and didn’t pay for; the girls that do their very best to not hide their obvious issues of a beaten down self esteem and questions of self worth.

The hunter and the hunted are no longer equals. The hunted are looking to be taken down without any sort of fight and the hunter no longer has to put in as much effort as was once necessary.

The fragility of the strong and the self-corruption of the debonair are taking the lust out of love and the love out of lust. But at least we can look ourselves in the mirror, right? Maybe we’re better off this way.


Many young and single women these days seem to be making themselves excessively available to men without waiting for the men to pursue them, or even making them work for it.

Have the times changed so much that women are now chasing the men? Or are girls so desperate today that they have become patently easy? Whatever the reason may be, when you make yourself excessively available to a man you pose the question: Is she desperate or just easy?

Women make themselves look easy and vulgar through their behavior and appearance. Women wearing revealing clothes and leaving nothing to the imagination give off a bad impression.

It seems that clubs and parties give women a free pass to exaggerate their availability. Women dance and appear to be having sex on the dance floor, while leaving men wondering how to get her into bed, rather than trying to make an emotional connection with her.

What has happened to the traditional chase? Men will not commit to someone they can effortlessly get. Men not only like the chase, but also appreciate it.

Women can acquire a man with confidence, personality and still leave a little to the imagination. Make it somewhat of a pursuit and leave them wanting more.


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