Thousands rally downtown for May Day

Brian Mount

The amount of May Day protesters in Los Angeles on Thursday did not come anywhere near the expected number, or that of previous years, totaling only 8,500 in three separate demonstrations in Downtown.

Many different groups joined to support their own causes, including Native Americans, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance (LGBTA), and immigrants from South Korea, the Philippines and Japan, all competing for attention.

Gathering in three different places, protesters marched toward their destination of 1st Street and Broadway, being led by a large mariachi band.

At MacArthur Park, vendors took advantage of immigrants’ patriotism by selling American flags and noisemakers. Other groups such as the Native American dancers competed for attention near the end of the march.

Students were encouraged to stay in school or face possible truancy, not like previous years where teachers and professors walked out with them.

This year’s focus was not only to gain attention from the government but more for immigrants’ rights and focused on civic engagement work.