Letter to the editor


To whom it may concern,

I was very disappointed on Tuesday when I opened up the Sundial and read the opinion page.? I was interested in the feminist topics that were being discussed, but was pained to find such trivial analysis of the issues.? In the first article “Could women be forgotten in history?” there was an outcry against the erasure of contributions that women had made in history.? I believe this to be accurate, but was let down at the very end.? Betsy Garcia writes “I admit men are historically important because of what I’ve read in textbooks.”? Men are not important because of what you have read, but because of what they have done.? Women have done society many great services that are clearly being overlooked, but to say that they are being forgotten is turning a blind eye to the last 120 years of progress.? Now, more than ever, women are being included into history and being recognized for their actions and efforts.

I moved on to the Spotlight article titled “He said/she said: Overzealous ladies.”? I was amazed at the blatantly sexist approach to this topic.? Referring to men as wolves and hunters, and to women as sheep and the hunted rather appalled me.? I was shocked at the remark by Garcia when she remarked that availability on the women’s part must represent desperateness or being “easy.”? When a man approaches a woman or appears at a club, they are not perceived to be desperate or easy, but rather confident or driven.? The overly traditionalist view of women in the world distorts the reality of the situation.? Women should be allowed to approach a male without being labeled as “easy.”??These stereotypic representations are what perpetuate sexist behavior and lead new generations to believe that those actions are acceptable.? Ms. Garcia ought to re-evaluate what she believes before submitting an article about empowered women who change the world and then following it with a belittling attitude toward women who enjoy going out.

? John Thompson Communication Studies Senior