CSUN DACA Resources


Valley View News

Cal State Northridge is home to the largest population of undocumented students in the CSU system, according to the school DREAM Center. In 2016, the DREAM center opened to assist students with various resources, even before they are admitted to the University.

“We offer a variety of student resources, primarily we know that one of the barriers that exist for our students is that initial point of contact,” said Dario Fernandez, DREAM Center Coordinator.

Although the DREAM center is currently assisting the approximately 1,500 undocumented students, a CSUN DACA student feels the University was not supportive of the Dreamers Resources Advocacy and Mentorship project.

“The campus helps a lot with certain resources but these resources weren’t necessarily like the campus is like, oh here you go out of the grace of our hearts,” said a CSUN DACA student who didn’t want to be named.

Last September University leaders came together to find a solution to how they can be more supportive. The USU Finance team, MataCare grant, Dreams to be heard, and the Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. William Watkins joined forces with the DREAM center. They created a board to help students financially.

“We have this large sum of money and I think that if we just allocate it in a certain way and work with the university, then we’ll be able to support for DACA renewals,” said Iris Ramirez, USU Chair member. Ramirez also said there were funds left over.

The Union says it plans on using the remaining funds to help undocumented students.