Former A.S. director, Misak Sevlian, confronts president at senate meeting

Kristopher A. Fortin

AS President Abel Pacheco and Vice President Conor Lansdale listen to comments from General Manager David Crandall. Photo Credit: Sami Eshaghi / Assistant Photo Editor
AS President Abel Pacheco and Vice President Conor Lansdale listen to comments from General Manager David Crandall. Photo Credit: Sami Eshaghi / Assistant Photo Editor

The Associated Students (A.S.) president refused yesterday to respond to a former assistant director’s inquiry at the A.S. senate meeting to the reason why he was terminated from his post.

Misak Sevlian, former assistant environmental affairs director, was removed from his post Thursday, without much reason, he said, so he went to the open forum portion of the meeting looking for an answer.

“I want to know why I was removed from the post for environment affairs (assistant) director,” Sevlian said to president Abel Pacheco. “Wasn’t transparency and accountability your policy?”

Pacheco refused to answer the question.

After the meeting, Pacheco said the post for environmental affairs, “needed a bit of revamping.”

When asked for specifics, Pacheco said he didn’t want to comment on any specific individual. “I don’t engage in tit for tat,” Pacheco said.

At the same meeting, Sheela Bonghir was approved by Senate for the director of environmental affairs position.

Sevlian, an urban studies and planning major with an emphasis in environmental and community design, took over responsibilities this summer.

Pacheco, Sevlian said, called him Thursday to let him now that his services weren’t needed anymore.

“There was no specific reason directed to me,” Sevlian said.

“I fulfilled my hours, went to the retreat. . . gave my time and money to drive out here (from downtown),” said Sevlian. “There is no reason, without an explanation, he asked me to resign.”

Science and Math Senate representative John Barry Neilan, said he was happy that
Bonghir served on the environmental affairs committee. Neilan voted for her approval.

“ I wanted to make sure she was going to mesh well with the other members already on the committee,” Neilan said.

Two appointments that were scheduled for a vote of approval by the Senate were struck from the agenda. The A.S. attorney general and director of elections nominees were left vacant.

Pacheco said he is not privileged to personnel information, but mentioned that he’s updated on whether they receive academic requirements.

Neilan said, “I believe we should have an attorney general to keep things going forward,” in response to the ongoing vacancy of the post.

Pacheco said, “We called a special meeting together because we thought we had an attorney general, possibly.”

The Senate approved Lena Press, as a nominee for assistant director of elections. Pacheco said Press will temporarily take over the responsibilities of director of elections until the position is filled.

“I’m trying to (fill the position) as quickly as possible, but I don’t want to rush to the point where I just appoint someone,” Pacheco added.

Humanities senate representative Neil Sanchez asked if an assistant director should be appointed before the Senate approves an assistant director.

The following were nominated and appointed to committees: Senator Domingo Gonzalez to the finance committee, Austin Ysals to S.P.A.C.E and Neil Sanchez to the Children’s Center Advisory Board.

Seats on the elections committee and judicial court remain open.