Embrace the life we are forced to have


The current recession has done one consistent thing for everyone in California. It has made us angry. Whether we are angry about getting fired from our jobs, angry that we have less money in our savings accounts than we did before, angry about budget cuts at the California primary, secondary and collegiate schools, angry that our life is significantly harder than it was before; everyone is genuinely angry and with good reason. People have been channeling that anger, especially at here at CSUN, to be productive and hopefully inspire the change necessary to fix some of the problems in our lives.
While using the anger, to help spark some necessary change, is a good thing, we also need to accept that we will not have any changes immediately. It will take time for us to get jobs, for us to get the CSU system worked out, for things to get better; and that means we need to look at this time a little differently. Stay angry, keep trying to change things for the better, but learn to appreciate the circumstances we have been thrust into.
Learn to appreciate that because we cannot get into the classes we want to take, we’ve been forced to take classes in subjects we know nothing about. Embrace this opportunity and work just as hard in these classes as you would in a class you were already passionate about. Learn as much as you can about the things you did not know and you will be able to apply it to your passion. It will make you a better, more well-rounded person.
Learn to use your time wisely. So maybe you weren’t able to get a great schedule. Maybe you are stuck on campus with huge breaks of three or four hours in between classes. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. Use this time to study and do your homework. When you finish with your studies, go outside and meet your fellow CSUN students. Enjoy the sun and chat with people that you didn’t already know. It is a good way to pass the time and to make new friends.

Learn to spend time without spending money. It’s easy to go to the library and rent books, movies and CD’s as a way to entertain yourself for free. Its fun to make a picnic lunch at home and take it to the beach or a park or even sit in front of your house and eat it. It’s possible to have fun without spending a lot of money. Watch movies you have at home instead of going to a movie theater. Sit and chat or play board games with your friends. Now is the time to appreciate each other’s company rather than go out instead of going out and spending money.

Learn to make use of the alternative modes of transportation you have. Pull your bike out of the garage. Biking is a healthy way to get places in LA. While it doesn’t quite work if you are going far, it is helpful for places even a few miles away from your house. It helps you to stay healthy and you spend less money on gas.
While everything happening gives people a reason to be angry, it’s important not to hold onto that anger and let it fester. There is an upside to everything and even the pessimist has to accept the things he cannot change. Embrace this new way of life while we are forced to have it because soon enough things will be back to the way we want them to be.