International office’s Coffee Hour


Photo credit: Baraa Alkassir

Dalal Alrashed

The International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is an organization that provides a great benefit to the CSUN community. The purpose of the IESC is to promote cross-cultural exchange through international study, and so the organization offers support for international students and scholars. As part of that support, it sponsors many events that bring together American and international students.

One of the regular activities sponsored by the IESC is its Coffee Hour, which it sponsors along with the International Students Association. Coffee Hour takes place every Friday afternoon at the IESC, and it is an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to hang out, enjoy coffee and snacks, and get to know each other.

American and international students can meet and learn about each other’s culture, holidays, traditions and lives. Students can also share advice and information about life in the United States and at CSUN. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, so it is easy to make friends.

The Coffee Hour is a great way for international students to share information and resources, as well as to support each other as they learn how to adapt to college life in the United States. It is also an excellent way for American students to get to know people from other countries and expand their understanding of the world. CSUN is a very diverse place, and the Coffee Hour at the IESC is a fun way to take advantage of that diversity and learn a lot while also socializing and relaxing on a Friday afternoon.