Sons of Liberty

Lutheran High School NJROTC marching towards the top of the steps of the Forest Lawn on Feb. 16. The event featured nearly 60 different color guards.

Logan Bik, Visual Managing Editor

Flying high in the wind, American flags flapped outside of the Forest Lawn steps as the Sons of Liberty and other Color Guards gathered to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on Feb. 16.

Ranging from young children to active military, the 37th annual event allowed people to pay respects to those who have fought in the armed forces. With a small march to the steps of the Forest Lawn military veterans, family and friends gathered to witness the flags being carried in.

With Edwards Airforce Base Blue Eagles Honor Guard leading the walk, various high school ROTC programs followed in their footsteps, marching to the top of Forest Lawn.

“It means a lot representing the whole branch. It’s an honor,” said Senior Airman Fonte Anilla.

With some dressed up as U.S. Revolutionary fighters, different chapters of Sons of Liberty marched among them as well. Sons of Liberty is an organization made up of direct descendants to those who have fought in the American Revolution.

Kevin Forrest, 49, and his son Nolan Forrest, 14, came out to celebrate their heritage together.

“It’s important to remember our history and educate people about our relatives who have passed away,” said Kevin Forrest.