Taking Back Sunday’s fourth CD definitely rocks, is ‘New Again’

Gloria Star

Anyone looking for a great CD to listen to should look no further than Taking Back Sunday. Their new CD, “New Again”, is mostly fast paced with many catchy tunes that will keep listeners rocking out until tired neighbors complain.

There are so many good things to be said about “New Again”. Singer, Adam Lazzara’s voice fills each song with emotion. The lyrics are very deep. They are slightly repetitive, in a good way, and with the easy to listen to beats, this CD is perfect to sing along to at the top of your lungs. The first song titled “New Again” gets listeners into the CD right away. It starts off very upbeat, has a great climactic bridge and excellent chord progressions.

The instrumental aspect of the CD is high-quality. The second song and first single “Sink into Me” is fast paced, upbeat and, like most of the other songs on the album, makes you want to jump up and dance. Other songs such as “Lonely, Lonely”; (track three), “Cut Me up Jenny” (track six), and “Catholic Knees” (track seven) have amazing drums, and base lines. Songs like “Capital M-E” and “Where My Mouth” is are great for relaxing. Where my Mouth is has a slower, calmer, melody and a feel like waves crashing in the ocean, which is great for unwinding. “Swing,” track five, uses minor chords and bent notes to give listeners a feeling of dark suspension. The final track, “Everything Must Go,” builds emotion and excitement in the beginning as chords progress but becomes soothing on every other line.

While many albums might be hard to listen to all the way through “New Again” is a great album to listen to completely. It’s not the type of CD that gets boring, annoying or just becomes too much after the first few songs. None of the songs are much more than three minutes long so there is no droning on that makes a song become tiresome.

Over all, this entire album literally rocked out loud. Anyone looking for an album with fun catchy tunes, deep lyrics, passionate vocals, and great instrumental quality should really check out Taking Back Sunday’s “New Again.”