Empty campus photo series: Keeping up with the custodians, groundskeepers

Chris Torres, Photo Editor

With the semester coming to a close and most classes being online, CSUN students have been deprived of on-campus learning and peer interaction. However, there is still a community presence on campus.

The “Empty Campus” series aims to provide students with a sense of community while they are safely attending class away from campus.

CSUN’s campus is still open for recreational activities and for people to go on walks, exercise and gather outdoors. There are also many faculty members and workers that are still going to work in-person and students who are staying in on-campus housing. Everyone present on campus has to follow CSUN COVID-19 protocols, which include social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

In order to keep the campus safe, custodial workers are still working to keep the buildings, bathrooms and stores cleaned and properly sanitized. Groundskeepers and landscapers are also present on campus making sure the grass, trees and planters are properly maintained.

David Ramos 



Angel Ramos 



John McGuire