What You Need in Your Eyewear Kit


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Whether it is sunglasses, reading glasses or prescription glasses, everyone who owns glasses should also own an eyewear care kit!

The best glasses are made to a quality level that are designed for style, longevity and protection. With this comes a higher price to pay—so you want to ensure that your eyewear is well looked after so they last as long as possible!

Taking care of your eyewear is not as tedious as you may have once thought though. A few small habits every day can ensure that your eyewear have a long lifespan of protection and are ready for you to wear whenever you need them.

Investing in an eyewear kit allows you to care for your eyewear daily and prevent any damage or deterioration from occurring. Think of it as your insurance policy, really!

So what goes into an eyewear kit? Well, we’ve rounded up the top items to invest in so you’ve got everything you need at home for your daily care routine.

1. Microfiber towels or tools

You don’t want to clean your glasses with just anything. In fact, you want to be cleaning your eyewear with only microfiber material! This is because this material is designed to prevent any scratches or damage that rougher material can cause. Rub that microfiber cloth over your glasses before and after use and you will enjoy clean and clear eyewear!

2. A keychain screwdriver

Your glasses are held together by a series of tiny screws. So it is important to have a screwdriver on hand in case you ever need to make any adjustments! This is especially important with new glasses, as the small adjustment details can determine how comfortable the glasses will actually when you are wearing them!

3. A pen applicator for the cleanser

If you want to really ensure that you are able to clean all the nooks and crannies of your eyewear, a pen applicator is a great tool to have. You can then get the cleaning spray into the small crevasses to ensure that every detail of your glasses are spick and span!

4. A nightstand case

While you may need to wear your glasses all day, you don’t need to go to bed with them. But what you store your glasses in is very important. If you are someone who uses them right until you go to sleep, then getting a bedside case with a microfiber material insert will let you sleep peacefully knowing your glasses are being well looked after as you snooze away.

5. A daytime case

Similarly to a nightstand case, you will want a daytime case for when you are on the go. The same principle is there in which you don’t ever want to leave your glasses unprotected when not in use. So getting a daytime case so you can safely put your glasses away in your bag when not in use is a great eyewear care item to have!

6. An all-in-one kit

Rather than having to shop at numerous different places to build up your kit, you can also purchase an eyewear kit when getting your next pair of glasses from the same store! This means that you won’t delay in caring for your new eyewear and you’ve got everything you need in one place instantly!

Caring for your eyewear is super important and will enhance the longevity of your beloved and practical eyewear. Having a kit at home with all these items will help you keep them well looked after and allow you to rock your glasses for years to come! The details matter when it comes to your eyewear kit, as does the consistency in which you look after your glasses!

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